String piecing

The last couple of nights, I have been busy string piecing.  I use telephone book pages as my foundation (suggested by Bonnie Hunter in her book String Fling).  It is difficult to find hardcopy telephone books.  To look up a telephone number, most people will just do a google search.  Well, after much hunting, I found 2 old copies of telephone books.  Tore out the pages.


Took out my scraps of strings.  I used to trash these but managed to salvage some from the last few projects I made.  I should sort them out into different colours…


I started sewing the strings onto my foundation paper.




After sewing the strings, I trimmed the block down to squares.





I calculated that I need 48 of these blocks.


Then I cut the blocks diagonally


I will be working on this for quite a while.  If I sew 2 of these blocks each night, I will get 48 blocks in 24 nights!  Press on!

3 thoughts on “String piecing

    • Hi. If the pieces are too small I will trash them. If they are bigger , about 1 inch, I will sew them together in a crazy patch style. I have used this method and made a number of hotpads and mug rugs. 🙂


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