Long Arm Quilting Machine

Yay!  I ordered a long arm machine!  It is a Handiquilter Avante 18.  I called Handiquilter at Utah last night to make my payment.  Due to different time zones between Singapore and the US, I had to call late last night to catch the guys in the States in the morning.

A LA is a big ticket item.  I was hesitant at first.  Where am I going to find the time to use the machine since I am working full time now?  Maybe I should get it when I retire cos by then I will have lots of time?  But by then I will not have any income so where will I get the finances to purchase a LA?  These were thoughts going through my head.  However, my DH is very supportive.  He knows I love quilting and will definitely make time to quilt.  I am already making time to sew and quilt at night. With the machine, I will be using it to help me quilt.  For all you know, I may even use it to earn some income LOL (well maybe sometime in the near future, after I learn how to use the machine).

Today is my Wedding Anniversary.  I have been married for more than 20 years.  The machine shall be my wedding anniversary gift to myself.  It will take some time to get to Singapore as it is coming by ocean freight.  I think it will be more than a month before it reaches here.  I shall be patient and wait in anticipation. .

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