Baby Quilt

I have been working long hours this past week.  Friday was no exception and Friday was my wedding anniversary.  DH wanted to go on a dinner date but alas I was scheduled to teach a night class.  The dinner date was called off and I taught till 10pm on Friday night.  I was very tired that evening as I had not been sleeping well the past few nights.  However, once the night class started, I was energised.  I love teaching and that is what made me stay in this profession for 20 over years. This week is going to be another hectic week as there is an event on in school and I am involved.  The thing about me is that the more stressful my work, the more i want to sew.  Well, I sewed over this past week end.  The schools’ mid-year examinations are over for my younger children so I did not have to supervise their studies this past weekend.  Instead I sewed.  I chose a block from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Collector’s edition Vol. 7.  It is a simple block.  The block is 12 1/2 inches unfinished.  I sewed 48 blocks.  They are now waiting to be put together to form a baby quilt top.  A colleague is expecting her first baby so I thought this will be a good present for the mom-to-be.  Let me show you a block here.  When the whole quilt top is pieced I will post a picture of the whole quilt top. P_20150514_230749[1] I know, I have yet to complete Charlotte’s Baskets but well I like to take a ‘break’ every now and then and try something else.  Anyway, this is an easy block to put together.

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