Handiquilter Avante 18 Machine

Apparently there was a delay in the pick up of the Avante machine from Handiquilter Utah.  Well the machine is finally on its way.  I have just received the shipping number and I am able to track its route from Los Angeles US to Singapore.

I must say that Nate Arnesen, Director of Global Business Development of Handiquilter, has been very helpful and patient in assisting me so far in my purchase of the Avante.  I had written to a Handiquilter distributor in UK asking whether they would sell the Avante to me in Singapore.  As they do not ship to overseas customers, they direct my query to Handiquilter Headquarters at Utah. Nate wrote to me and he patiently answered my questions and clarified my doubts.  I am a newbie to LA so it is very good that Nate is able to answer all my questions regarding the machine.  I communicated with him via emails over a span of more than 1 month.  I am glad to purchase from Handiquilter as they have very good customer service. I can find many online resources regarding the machine e.g. Youtube videos and most of all the machine is multi-voltage i.e. it can be used with 120V or 240V.  Singapore uses 240V so it is an advantage that it can be used both in US (120V) and in Singapore (240V).  Reviews online that I have read have been good with Handiquilter machines too.  I had tried a Handiquilter Fusion 24 before and am impressed with the quilting.  I believe the Avante, a smaller machine, is just as good in terms of the quality of quilting.

Please note that all the comments above are my own.  I am not paid by Handiquilter for my opinions.  I just feel that I ought to share my experience.  When i was looking to buy a LA, I searched online for reviews and comments and I appreciated all the honest thoughts and comments by LA quilters.  I hope my sharing can help others make better decisions.  The machine has not arrived yet so I will have more to say about using the machine when I get to quilt with it later.


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