Chevron Baby Quilt (Part 2)

My husband suggested that I should use a dark border.  I auditioned a few fabrics from my stash and my daughter chose the brown border.  I added a light blue border before the brown border and overall I am quite pleased with the colour combination. It is now added to my bucket of quilt tops waiting to be quilted on my Avante when it arrives.


This baby quilt is going to someone who used to help me take care of my children when they were much younger.  She just had a second baby and it is a boy.  I hope she likes it.  When she had her first baby, a girl, I quilted a baby quilt for her too. The pattern was Jacob’s Ladder.  All the fabric in this quilt was from my scrap bins.  I cut them down to small squares and sewed them up again to 4 patches.

Ufo 10a

Ufo 10b

This past weekend I was back to sewing Charlotte’s Baskets.  I sewed half square triangles.


To make a quilt of about 80 inches x 90 inches, I need 252 2-inches HSTs unfinished.  Once sewn into the block the HSTs measure 1 1/2 inches.  My scrap bin is rather messy so I had to pick out fabric of more or less the correct size to sew up the HSTs.  For some HSTs I used the Easy Angle ruler while for others I used Deb Tucker’s Tucker Trimmer.  (you can see that in the pic) I prefer Deb Tucker’s method of constructing HSTs.  The HSTs are constructed  slightly bigger then trimmed down to size.  Some people do not like this method as there is a small amount of waste but I like it as I have some buffer in case my 1/4 inch seam is not so accurate.  I will report my progress as I go along.

8 thoughts on “Chevron Baby Quilt (Part 2)

  1. I love the baby quilt and can’t wait to see how you decide to quilt it. I’m with you and prefer to make my HST’s a little bigger and trim them. Mine turn out way more accurate when I use that method.


  2. I like the way you added the blue border between the brown, I think that was an excellent call. It gives the design some breathing room before the frame around the edge. have you considered what you’ll eventually bind it with? One of those greens or dark blues might be interesting for binding!


  3. What a fun baby quilt! The far right column going up instead of the expected downward direction adds some intrigue. I’m not familiar with the Easy Angle ruler or the Tucker Trimmer. I do prefer methods where you cut the HSTs down to size, because otherwise they always seem to end up slightly too small for me. I like to use the Bloc_loc ruler to square them up since there is a ridge on the bottom that holds the ruler in place while you trim.


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