Some of my favourite quilts

Hi my name is Sandra.  I have been quilting since I became a mother but my interests vary from machine embroidery to construction of bags.  I like to combine machine embroidery with quilts.  Below are a few of my past ‘creations’.


The above quilt is a wall hanging.  The macaw is machine embroidered onto the brown fairy frost fabric.  The flowers and butterflies are Free Standing Lace machine embroidered onto water soluble stabilisers.  I stippled around the macaw.  The dark maroon coloured borders were added using the Quilt-as-you-go method.  I FMQ feathers on the borders.20130718_071918[1]

The wall hanging below is machine embroidered as a window.  The design was purchased from bfc-creations


The baby quilt below is my latest favourite as I FMQ the whole quilt which measured 50 inches by 50 inches.  I was rather pleased with my FMQ.  The quilt was auctioned off to raise funds for needy students in my school.

P_20150415_080618[1] P_20150415_080845[1]

Latest Vacation spot

I was away the whole of last week with my family holidaying in Malaysia.  We went to Cherating to view turtles.  During this time of the year, the turtles will come on shore to lay eggs.  They are endangered due to poachers.  We contacted the Turtle sanctuary at Cherating to see if we can view turtles laying eggs.  Well we managed to see the turtles.  It is now rare to see them laying eggs.


The photo below shows the turtle that was laying the eggs.


The ranger allowed us to release the hatchlings of the turtles into the sea.


After visiting Cherating and Kuantan, we moved off to Lembing.  Below are photos of Lembing.  Beautiful place.  Very countryside.  We do not see this in Singapore nowadays.



Even though I enjoyed the trip very much, I missed sewing and quilting.  When I got back to Singapore, after unpacking, I went straight to piecing another quilt.  I bought June’s issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  Saw a pattern there that I cannot resist.  Will post my blocks as I go along.

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11 thoughts on “Some of my favourite quilts

    • Yes. It is sad. Urbanization destroys many of the habitats of these wildlife. The shore where the turtles lay their eggs is so close to the main road. It is no wonder they feel threatened that they do not come onshore to nest as before.


      • Urbanization, of course, but I am led to believe that turtle poaching can be very profitable. I’m always disappointed to see turtle on a menu in a restaurant. I’m sure there are farms and such, but it’s impossible to tell.


  1. Hi Sandra: I’m part of your hive and I enjoyed reading your post, seeing your lovely quilts and reading about the turtles. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I’m not able to communicate very well with wordpress folks So I’lm replying here.

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  2. Sandra, that sunset is a great quilt inspiration itself! Bet all of your trip will bring lots of that. Nice to meet you and see your favorite quilts – it seems that you do mostly art quilts, of which I do a lot too. See you around cyber world. Carrie

    Liked by 1 person

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