Handiquilter Avante 18 Machine -Part 2

Finally, the machine and frame was delivered to my house on 2 July.  It felt kind of strange and scary when I received the boxes.  There is so much to learn about long arm quilting… and the setting up of the machine…  The feeling kind of overwhelmed me a little.  Don’t get me wrong, it was and is still exciting to receive my ‘car’, my ‘golden car’.  Literally translated from Chinese, a sewing machine is a ‘needle car’.  As this is an expensive sewing machine, it is now called ‘golden car’.  Literal translation of ‘golden car’ to Chinese sounds like ‘needle car’.  In other words, ‘needle car’ and ‘golden car’ sounds the same in Chinese. LOL.  Anyway the ‘golden car’ arrived in a number of boxes.


My husband was not able to take leave on Friday to help me set up the machine so we had to do it on Sat afternoon, after the kids’ enrichment classes.  It took the rest of the day and night to set it up.  The manual was not very helpful but the DVD was.  We had to replay the DVD many times as we progress in our setup.

I ‘engaged’ the services of my husband (Chief Engineer) and my daughter (Assistant Engineer).  See the Chief Engineer and Assistant Engineer hard at work.



In case you are wondering what those black round things on the floor are, they are meant for the legs of the frame.  Hopefully they will help protect my parquet floor.

The setup was completed rather late on Sat night.


I was not able to do any quilting on Sunday morning as we had to go to church and run errands.  The thought of quilting on the machine makes me nervous.  Maybe that is why I give myself excuses not to use the machine.  What if I spoil something in the machine…

I woke up early this morning and started pinning my practice backing and quilt top to the leaders.  The nervousness about using the machine started to fade away.  In fact it felt good as I started my quilting process…

4 thoughts on “Handiquilter Avante 18 Machine -Part 2

  1. Wow! The set up is going to be amazing! 😀 Really happy to know that more long arm machines are entering local sewing rooms 😀 Looking forward to more updates about your long arm quilting adventures! 😀

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