Swirls Quilted on my Long Arm Machine

I must thank Jessica Moir of whatshequilts for her encouragement.  Jessica owns a HQ Fusion.  I took a long arm quilting lesson from her before I purchased my HQ Avante.  She has been my ‘consultant’ since my machine arrived.  She is ever so encouraging and she directs me to various resources to help improve my long arm quilting skills.  I visited her last week and she showed me Jamie Wallen’s swirls on youtube.  We were discussing the different ‘types’ of swirls e.g. Angela Walter’s swirls versus Jamie Wallen’s swirls and she urged me to try the different swirls and decide which one I like better.  With pen and paper, I doodled swirls Jamie Wallen’s style and I found I like this type of swirls better.  See my doodle.


Then I doodled with my long arm machine,


Not happy with the first few stitchouts, I continued to practise.  Can you see improvements?


Jessica told me to ‘Just Do It’ and quilt on a real quilt instead of just quilting on practice sandwiches.  So last weekend, I loaded one of my baby quilt tops and quilted on it.


It was fun.  I did an edge to edge swirls on the baby quilt.  As I wanted the quilt to be soft and cuddly, I quilted big swirls rather than small tight swirls.



A closer look at the quilting.


The back of the quilt ….


Overall I am rather pleased.  My very first quilt, quilted on the long arm.  More quilts to come…

10 thoughts on “Swirls Quilted on my Long Arm Machine

    • Hi Wendy. I have been following your blog for a few years. Your quilting is an inspiration to me. I am able to do pretty nice looking fmq on my Bernina 630 because I get inspiration from you 🙂 thanks for sharing your talent with us 🙂


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Loving your progress from the’angular’ spiral to the pretty circular ones. Was there any changes to the avante set up (?) other than the idle bar which is now correctly loaded.
    My paisley and spiral are now still angular, Would love your tips on this…
    and yes I have just got the Avante recently

    Liked by 1 person

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