SG50 – Happy Golden Jubilee Singapore!

Last week was a short work week.  We had our National Day on 9 August, Sunday, and so 10 August, Monday, was a public holiday.  The holidays actually started on 7 August and stretched to 10 August.  It was a good break from work. There were lots of events happening during the long weekend.  I decided to spend the holidays writing my tutorial for the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop and sewing up a prototype.  I wanted to get the tutorial ready so that I could send to Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl for her to help me sew up my block.  If you remember, I mentioned in my earlier post that I am participating in the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop but I do not have the actual Fabri-Quilt fabric.  Yvonne has kindly agreed to help me sew up my block.  I sent out the tutorial to her and following my tutorial she has completed my block. She works fast!  She gave me good feedback about my tutorial and I appreciate that a lot. 🙂  Thanks Yvonne.  More about my block on 3 September 2015.

I also get to put up my Design Wall.  Finally, I got my design wall up!  You can see a few of my orphan blocks on the design wall..


I had wanted a design wall for the longest time.  It was after reading a tutorial on how to make a design wall that I decided to try making my own design wall.  It was rather easy.  I followed her method but I did not use spray adhesive.  I did use 3M command strips though and the foam board that I got is much thinner than the ones she used.  I will be getting more foam boards to enlarge my design wall. LOL.

We watched the National Day parade live on TV on 9 August 2015.

I enjoy watching the National Day Parade every year but this year is made more memorable as we cross the 50 year mark in our nation building.  Singapore was a 3rd world country and in 50 years, she became a 1st world country.   I thank God for the peace and harmony that we enjoy in this Little Red Dot (yes we are just a little dot on the world map).  As a true blue Singaporean, I feel proud that we have come so far in these 50 years.

Each year, there is a theme song for our National Day celebrations.  Do click on the links below to view the music videos and listen to the songs.  Very meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes.

This year’s National Day Theme song:

Below are a few of past National Day Theme songs that are my favourite:

2001 National Day Theme song.

1998 National Day Them song.

Hope you enjoyed the songs. 🙂

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