Quilted with feathers and straight lines

I could not decide on how to quilt the Chevron Baby quilt.  I browse the internet, watch youtube videos and after a seemingly long time, I made my decision. My inspiration comes from Natalia Bonner.  The quilting would be considered custom quilting. Custom quilting is time consuming!    Added to that, I changed threads which made it even more time consuming.  I have some Signature cotton threads and Metro embroidery threads in my stash. I had bought these for machine embroidery.  I wanted to see the effect on quilting when using different threads.  So I decided to change threads, different colours, different brands and different materials (polytester v cotton) I really admire those long arm quilters who do freehand custom quilting.  Those whom I see on the internet are good, really good.  Below are pictures showing the quilt in stages of being quilted.







I think my feathers came out pretty good.  I had practised feathers on a couple of quilt sandwiches.  LOL.

The quilt is now ready to be sent to the baby sitter who used to help take care of my children when they were young.  Her son is at least 8 months old now.  Well better late than never.

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