Of Haze and Quilts

We drove up to Malaysia 2 weeks ago to visit my mother in law.  We started early in the morning and by the time the sun was up we were already travelling on the North South Highway of Malaysia.  What felt strange was that it was still ‘foggy’ when the sun was up.  It took us a while to realised that it was not fog but haze!



I took the pictures from our car.  We could not even see the silhouette of the mountains clearly.


Behind my mother-in-law’s house is a mountain.  We could not even see the shape of mountain clearly.   Nonetheless, we had good bonding time with my mother-in-law.  My children enjoyed themselves tremendously as they had a lot of space to kick football and run around.  We were there for 2 days and then we were back in Singapore.  Oh my, the haze was not only in Malaysia it was also in Singapore. The haze is caused by farmers burning to clear their land for farming purposes.  Sumatra, Indonesia is situated towards the South of Singapore and when they are clearing their land through burning, we will suffer the effects.  Some years, we were lucky when the wind directions were blowing not towards us.  This year, the wind was blowing towards the North and hence the haze in Singapore and parts of Malaysia. Thankfully, the haze cleared up quite a bit just before the Night Formula One race in Singapore that took place just the past weekend.  Hopefully, the wind direction will not change…

I have been having a hard time deciding on what to quilt on my black and white quilt.  I realised that many quilters have the same problem.  Using threads that blend with the quilt top adds to your problem as it makes it difficult to see what you are quilting.  On the darker fabrics, it is quite difficult to mark the quilting designs so that the marking is visible.  It was comforting when I read that award winning quilters like Margaret Solomon Gunn, also face similar problems, but maybe to a much lesser extent.  I love Margaret’s quilting.  She is such an inspiration.

I had wanted to do some freehand quilting but I could not decide as I would also like to do ruler work.  I started with some designs.


But I ripped them out.  I had drawn out my designs on paper and they look pretty good but once I sewed them out, I just was not very happy with them.  I think I am just fickle minded.  I decided to take a couple of days off from the quilt.  Finally, I decided on Baptist Fans.  In this way, I could practise using circular rulers.


The quilt is still on my frame as I am still working on it.  I am quilting on double layer of batting.  I was not thinking when I started quilting that I had to adjust my tension.  My tension was set for single layer of batting and with double layer I needed to tweak my tension settings.  Anyway all is well now.

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