Stained Glass – A Tiffany Peacock

I mentioned in one of my earlier post that I had finished quilting the Ebony and Ivory Quilt much earlier but was not able to unload it from the quilting frame cos I had some more backing fabric left over pinned to the frame.  Not wanting to waste it, I loaded the machine-embroidered Stained Glass Tiffany Peacock.


I had only added a black border so I decided to add an outer border using Michael Miller’s Fairy Frost Glitz.  The fairy frost fabric was purchased a few years ago.  I had kept it to be used for suitable projects.  I had purchased a few colours, Christmas red, green, white, black, lilac, etc.  When I auditioned the fabric for the outer borders, the lilac glitz looked the perfect choice.  After adding the outer borders, the Stained Glass Tiffany Peacock was of the size that I wanted for wall hanging and I loaded it onto the frame.  It seemed natural to quilt feathers.  After all this is a peacock and peacocks have beautiful feathers.


I had quilted long-arm feathers on the Ebony and Ivory Quilt. To quilt the same type of feathers on the Stained Glass Tiffany Peacock would be boring.  Moreover, I wanted to increase my repertoire of feathers.  So I decided to quilt heirloom feathers or what some would call, the bump bump feathers.  The difficulty of this type of feathers is the back tracking onto the frond of the feather before moving on to quilt the next frond.  Well I managed to quilt the feathers onto the outer borders and they don’t look too bad. :0

I finished sewing on the binding and the hanging sleeve last weekend. I had to decide whether to sew the hanging sleeve into the binding so that it is hidden or hand sewed it after it was bound.  Found a video on Youtube on hand sewing the hanging sleeve.  Thought this was easier so I hand sewed the hanging sleeve.  I think I will keep this wall hanging for myself.  It will be very suitable for this year’s Christmas.



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