Rulers – Let’s get organised

As you know we quilters have plenty of rulers and I definitely have a soft spot for rulers.  I stored my rulers in my cupboard together with my stabilisers and I had often felt that they looked rather messy.


Then I came across an article in a newsletter from The Quilt Show.  The article was talking about organising rulers.  They mentioned using D-ring binders to store our rulers.  What an excellent idea.  I decided to purchase folders with plastic pockets in them to store my rulers.


I store a ruler in each pocket and I am also able to store the instruction sheet on how to use the ruler together in that pocket.  My instruction sheets used to be stored separately and they were easily misplaced.  Now they are together with my rulers!



The picture below shows the A3 size folder.  This is used to store my bigger rulers.


See, it is much better organised now.  Looks less messy too.  My 8 1/2″ x 24″ Creative Grid ruler and my 15 degree ruler are still too big to be stored in the folder but I am not going to fuss over that.





















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Update: Afton Warrick from Quilting Mod invited me to share at her Lessons Learned Linky Party





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