2016 Finish-A-long Q2 Goals

I missed FAL Q1 goals so I am putting in my goals for the second quarter.  I have a few WIPs that I am hoping to complete.  First off, I definitely want to get Charlotte’s Baskets quilted and bound.  This is long overdue.  It was meant for my eldest daughter when she went to university.  (see Charlotte’s Baskets here)


Second to be completed would be this table topper.  This is a prototype that I made when I took part in the New Block Blog Hop last year.


Third on my list is make a wall hanging out of The Double Pinwheels block.  I followed Eleanor Burns pattern but I used Creative Grid 45 degree double strip ruler to make the blocks.  You can see that I was auditioning fabrics for borders and sashings.


The fourth one and the last for this quarter is The Rugged Cross.  The top is done just need to sandwich it then quilt it.


I think I am a little too ambitious but no harm listing more and if I cannot finish them by the end of the quarter, I can always rollover to the next quarter. LOL

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