Moon Bag: April OMG Finish

When I listed the Moon Bag as my April One Monthly Goal at the beginning of April, I thought it was an easy peasy goal to accomplish.  I was wrong.  You see, I had not sewn many bags in the past and the bags that I had sewn were less elaborate.  This time I had to sew the bag following more elaborate instructions.  The instructions said to use heavyweight interfacing.  I was not sure what sort of interfacing is considered ‘heavyweight’.  So I used a stiff interfacing that is used for sewing collars of shirts.  Oh my, I regretted that.  Due to the stiffness, it was very difficult to manoeuvre the bag through the sewing machine especially when I had to sew curves.  However the great thing about the stiff interfacing is that it gave the bag a very nice structure.  I supposed if I had used a softer interfacing, the bag might end up more floppy.  Here is a pic of the finished bag


The bag unzipped, showing the inner zipper pocket.


Bag unzipped showing the other side where there is a inner lined pocket.


The pattern gave instructions for 1 outer zipper pocket.


But I decided to sew another outer zipper pocket on the other side of the bag.


Side view of the bag showing how the handle is attached.




View showing the bottom of the bag.


I would love to make another of this bag but this time I will definitely use a softer interfacing.

I am linking up with OMG at Red Letter Quilts and Can I get a Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict



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