A Finish for June’s OMG

I made it!  I had thought I would not meet my quilting goal for June.  School was out but I had to clear a backlog of work before I could go away with my family for some bonding time.  More about my trip in a later post.  I was rushing to complete my June’s OMG and Quarter 2’s Finish-Along 2016. Happy to say I finished my June’s OMG.



This shall be my table topper for my dining table.  I just love scrappy quilts.  LOL. I managed to use up all my extra V block units and the small Square in square units left over from the Hearts Intertwine quilt top .  I am still left with 4 of the bigger Square in square units.

For my Q2 FAL, I did not manage to complete it. 😦 I had four goals for Q2 but did not manage to finish any of the four.  Nevertheless I am happy because I am making progress in my quilting goals.  I am almost done with one of the four goals, so by Q3, it should be completed.  Have a sneak peek at my work in progress below.


All these goal-setting is doing me a lot of good.  I tend to procrastinate and I usually end up accomplishing very little or none at all in my quilting projects.  By setting goals and timeline, I am forced to move and not stagnate.  It does not matter that I did not finish what I set out to do by the end of the quarter, what matters is that I have made progress.

I am linking up with  Red Letter Quilts OMG and Esther’s Quilt Blog WIPs on Wednesday


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