Setting Goal for July’s OMG

I received a commission for 2 baby quilts!  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not switching careers.  The lease on the land on which our church building sits on is due soon.  The church is raising funds to help pay for the renewal of the land lease.  To help in the fund raising, I am taking orders to sew custom-made quilts.  To start the ball rolling, the wife of one of the pastors commissioned me to sew 2 baby quilts.

On weekdays, I have an average of 1 1/2 hours of sewing/quilting time in the night before I hit the bed.  Bless her kind soul, she gives me plenty of time to finish the 2 quilts (any time before Christmas).  LOL.

Well, my goal for July is to sew up one of the 2 baby quilt tops.  We went shopping for fabrics the other day and these were our catch.  I love these fabrics.  So sweet for baby girls.  We are still finalising the pattern for the quilt.  So there is no picture or drawing to show.



I am linking up with Red letter Quilts OMG


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