Q3 Finish-A-long Goals and June’s Aurifil Block

I did not complete all my Q2 goals.  3 out of 4 goals set for Q2 are still uncompleted.  But I am working on them.  For Q3, I am adding 3 more goals, so here is my list:

Goal 1 for Q3

Finish quilting The Rugged Cross.  It is currently loaded on the long arm frame.  It is almost done.



Goal 2 for Q3

Quilt and bind the following table topper.


Goal 3 for Q3

Complete the wallhanging below i.e. pieced it up, quilt it and bind it.  I am looking forward to hanging this up for Christmas this year.


The above 3 goals were Q2 goals which I have rolled over to Q3.  Now for the new goals that I am adding.

Goal 4 for Q3

The Hearts Intertwine quilt top is still a WIP.  Definitely something for me to finish before the end of this year.

Storm at Sea wallhanging

Goal 5 for Q3

Another Storm at Sea WIP that I would like to call a finish, the table topper top I pieced last month.  I expect this table topper to be completed quickly as it is rather small.


Goal 6 for Q3

Someone brought back a quilt top from Cambodia.  This quilt top was sewn by girls in Emmaus Women Centre in Cambodia.  This is the first time they are doing a quilt top so their choices of colours and materials have much to improve.  Well I am tasked to make the quilt top prettier.  I can unpick and sew together the parts that I want or simply quilt it with suitable motifs.  Can’t decide on what to do with it.  I am toying with various ideas and asking for suggestions as to how I can salvage the quilt top.  Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions.


If you look at the back, they overlocked the seams.  Is this is an acceptable practice for quilt making?  Moreover the seams flip to opposite sides at both ends.  Looks like there is quite a bit of work to do on the quilt top.


On another note, I have sewn up June’s Aurifil block.  Can’t wait to have all 12 blocks together.


I am linking up with FAL 2016 Q3 and

Aurifil Designer of the Month

4 thoughts on “Q3 Finish-A-long Goals and June’s Aurifil Block

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