September Goal, another FAL Finish and another quilt top pieced

This past week was bad cos I did not get much sewing done.  Was working late in school grading scripts most of the weekdays and even brought them home to grade.

My pastor’s wife commissioned me to make 2 baby quilts.  I have pieced 1 of the quilt top but what about the other?  Lee Meng did it for me.  Lee Meng was my colleague for many years.  After retirement, she spent some time in Australia where she picked up quilting.  When she came back, she dabbled in small quilting projects but it was always hand stitching.  She took some classes with Sing Mui Heng and Quilts and Friends as she was not confident to attempt any projects on her own.  With persuasion, she bought a Brother sewing machine last year which she left sitting in the ivory tower.  What is the use of a machine is one does not use it?  In one of our conversations, I told her that I normally sew on Saturday mornings and she is welcome to join me (she lives just 5 minutes drive from my house).  Since the beginning of August she has been coming to my house with her machine to sew every Sat morning.  I cut up the fabric and she pieced the top for me.  It is a win win situation as I got help with the baby quilt and she learnt to use her machine. LOL Let’s see Lee Meng  in action.

Lee Meng.jpg

And Tadah…

Orange baby quilt-PE.jpg

I am so proud of her.  She is definitely more confident in using her machine so for this month she is piecing her own project, a fabric panel that she had purchased some years ago.

For my September OMG goal I am setting a goal to sew 20 pineapple blocks.

Pineapple block.jpg

These blocks are meant for a project that will help with raising funds for our church’s land lease renewal.  I am really not confident I can achieve this goal but putting it down in writing means that I am committed to achieving it. LOL

I also finished another wall hanging for my 2016 FAL goal.  This is my 3rd finish for Q3 FAL.  My original intention was to make this into a table topper.  But decided that I wanted a wall hanging instead.  I have quilted different motifs on it and a wall hanging would be able to show off these motifs better.  The front of the wall hanging.

New Block blog hop wall hanging.jpg

And the back

New Block blog hop WH back.jpg

I got my inspiration for the quilting of circles from Living Water Quilter.  Dena is such a talent when it comes to FMQ.  The wall hanging is now beside my grandson clock.

New Block blog hop WH hang.jpg

I am linking up with Red Letter Quilt OMG; Mid Week Madness and Linky Tuesday Freemotion by the River

Update: I am linking up with 2016 Finish A-Long Q3 Finishes.  The wall hanging was my goal for Q3 FAL

11 thoughts on “September Goal, another FAL Finish and another quilt top pieced

  1. I have the pineapple block pattern somewhere in my sewing cupboard.
    I am impressed with your back view stitching selection for the squares. Then I realised you must have a sewing machine with computer patterns, not a 50 year old Elna sewing machine like me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your wall hanging is so pretty! The quilting on the back……well, suffice to say, I truly appreciate those who can quilt! Being a newish quilter, I’d never seen a pineapple block! Wow! They are truly beautiful! I am in love with the scrappy look you’ve chosen! Pinning this one to my quilt blocks board on Pinterest! Lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

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