Finish A-Long Q4 Goals

2016 FAL

We are so close to Christmas! And I have a few quilts that are still to be completed before Christmas.  I did not complete all my goals for Q3 so I am rolling them over to Q4.  That will make my list longer.  Anyway, here is my list of goals for Q4:

Goal 1

To finish binding the Hearts Intertwine Storm at Sea quilt and hang it up above the headboard of our bed.  I was rushing to finish the quilt to meet Q3’s deadline but did not manage to.  I just managed to quilt it but not bound it.  Here is a picture of it on the frame.


Another picture of it, just the quilt top.

Storm at Sea wallhanging

Goal 2

To quilt and bound baby quilt no. 1 which was commissioned by my pastor’s wife.  She is giving this away as a Christmas gift.  She will pay for the quilt directly to our church.  I took on this commissioned job to help raise funds for the renewal of lease of the land on which our church building is sitting on.

SawTooth Star baby quilt-PH

Goal 3

To quilt and bound baby quilt no. 2.  This is the second baby quilt commissioned by my pastor’s wife.  Funds from this quilt also goes to land lease renewal for church.


Goal 4

To quilt and bind this double pinwheel quilt top.  This quilt top was based on a pattern by Eleanor Burns.  Similar to Hearts Intertwine, this was also my goal for Q3 which I did not manage to complete.  I really want to finish this quilt for Christmas.

Double pinwheel.jpg


Goal 5

I received 2 quilt tops from Emmaus Women Centre, Cambodia.  They are about the size of baby quilts.  They would like to sell these as finished quilts to raise funds for their centre.  I need to quilt and bind these in Q4 too.


Goal 6

My friend Lee Meng finished piecing the borders to her Christmas panel and she has asked me to quilt the top for her.  She will pay for the quilting and the funds will go directly to my church, again for land lease renewal. This is her pieced panel.


I feel the pressure!  So many projects to complete before Christmas.  Will I be able to?  I must be very focused and must plan my time well.  I am not doing a quilting business and already I feel stressed.  I wonder how do those who quilt for a living feel with deadlines piling up. LOL.

I am linking up with Finish A-long 2016 at Clover and Violet and Main Crush Monday at Cooking up Quilts


9 thoughts on “Finish A-Long Q4 Goals

  1. When I have a large project, I remember a saying from a long time ago. “you eat an elephant one bite at a time.” Note I have never eaten an elephant, and do not want to see another elephant killed by anyone anywhere in the world. But they are very large and impossible to eat in one sitting, just like large projects are impossible to complete in one sitting.
    So, pick the easiest quilt to finish with the tightest deadline, and work on it. Cross it off the list, and repeat with the next easiest. Simple really. List gets smaller, and work gets done. Stress levels fall to normal.
    Good luck with your goals. 🙂

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  2. Your Storm at Sea top is so beautiful! You have so many pretty quilts on your to do list – good luck on making progress on the finishes. It’s so sweet of you to donate your quilting money to the church; they are lucky to have someone like you! Thank you for linking to MCM!


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