New found love or is it?

I have been wanting to do a blog post but I was too caught up with my new found love, yarn manipulation.  What is that?  It is none other than crochet and knitting.  I have been crocheting and knitting up a storm this past month.  First up, I did finish the Bavarian Scarf and I have gifted it to a dear colleague on her birthday.  She will need it when she goes on her trip to South Korea at the end of the year.  Goal #3 of my Q3 FAL goals is accomplished.  See my Q3 goals here.  



The happy recipient of the scarf.


Since I started crocheting, I thought to myself, why not get a set of crochet needles?  Well, I got a set of new Clover Amour crochet needles.  They came in a case but I wanted a personalised handmade case.  With the help of Youtube video by Donna Wolfe, I crocheted the case below.


See all my crochet hooks?  I had also bought Tulip crochet hooks in sizes that were not available in the Clover Amour set.  The case was supposed to hold 10 crochet hooks. However, as the case was crocheted rather loosely, I was able to hook more crochet hooks in between the pockets.  This case is perfect to store all my hooks!


My urge to crochet is so great that I crocheted a goldfish.  Pattern is from Ravelry by Kate Wood.  This goldfish looks like the real thing.  I am gifting this to my MIL who has 5 live goldfishes at her home.


As if crocheting is not enough, I venture into knitting as well.  The last time I knitted was some 20 years ago.  I chanced upon Susan B Anderson’s book, ‘Spud and Chloe at the Farm’,  in the school library.  The barn animals in the book are soooo cute.  I could not resist the ‘Little Lamb’ pattern so I knitted one.  I had wanted to knit a black sheep but black on the sheep’s face looks kind of shocking for little children so I ended up using grey yarn instead.   It turned out much better than I expected.  By the way, the ‘Little Lamb’ is not the sheep featured on the front cover of the book.  The white sheep on the front cover is ‘Spud’.


Side view of the Little Lamb.



Little Lamb with a red scarf.  LOL.


I’d better work harder on the rest of my Q3 FAL goals.  Not very productive in terms of meeting my Q3 goals.

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5 thoughts on “New found love or is it?

  1. Love your scarf. That case for the hooks is really clever since the tools hook in and do not slip out. You have made my fingers itch to knit or crochet again. You can see my mix of knitted and crocheted items in with my quilted items in my year-end review posts – along with links to instructions in many cases.
    See 2016’s review post at
    Also 2015’s review post has a couple items toward the very end

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