One Monthly Goal for February

No.  I did not complete my January’s One-Monthly-Goal.  Too many things are happening at the same time.  So I am setting the same goal for February and that is to complete my Jane Eyre shawl.  You can read about it here


Just before I wrote this post, I’d just realised I had made a mistake in one of the rows in this last section that I am knitting.  Sigh.  I will need to frog it.  The good thing is, this problem is solvable, unlike some of the other problems …

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One Monthly Goal for January

I started this shawl on a whim in November last year when I had a dozen UFOs/WIPs to complete.  I was trying to finish my goals for 2017 FAL Q4 and yet I just could not resist this Jane Eyre Shawl.  I found the pattern in a book by Nikol  Lohr in the school library.

The pattern is well written.  Before each section of the shawl, Nikol explained the ‘construction’ so it was very clear to me what I was knitting.  I would say it is suitable for a confident beginner like me.  However, in my anxiety to complete the shawl, I made mistakes along the way and that slowed down my progress.  I had to ‘unpick’ the stitches to back track.  As the saying goes, More Haste Less Speed.  After frogging for about the 5th time, I decided to slow down and enjoy the process rather than rush through it.

You can see in the picture below that it is a BIG shawl.



I am knitting the last section now and it should be finished by the end of January.  Wish me luck.

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November OMG accomplished

I completed my November OMG and the finished product is gifted away to a colleague who will be going to the States for a few years with her husband, who is sent there for work.  See the happy lady. 🙂  The pair of arms belong to yours truly.  I was helping her put on the hat.


The pattern for this hat came from Lion Brand yarn website.  It is meant for both men and women.  Most of the time when I start on a project, I do not know who exactly is my recipient.  So such unisex projects are good for me.

Before gifting it to my colleague, I asked my son to model the hat for me.  He was not very willing but after some persuasion, he gave in.


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Setting November One Monthly Goal

I saw that Spotlight Singapore was having a sale on yarns last month.  I got my daughter who happened to be near Spotlight Singapore to buy a skein home for me to try.  I wanted to try knitting a size 5 or 6 yarn (bulky yarn) as I had new chunky knitting needles.  So naturally I asked her to buy Heartland Thick and Quick as the yarn is machine washable and can be tumble dried.  I wasted no time to cast on enough stitches to knit a blanket and after knitting 3 rounds, I was satisfied that Thick and Quick was what I needed for the blanket.  With some quick Math I decided that I would need 14 skeins.

Next day, I made my way to Spotlight Singapore after work, solely with the intention to get my yarn.  To my utter disappointment, Heartland Thick and Quick was no more on sale!  What was I to do with 1 skein of bulky yarn?  I searched around the internet and found a few hat patterns that require 1 skein per hat.  I decided on a pattern by Lion Brand yarn called His or Her Hat.

I have started the hat with ribbing.  So far so good.  This is my November OMG.


On another note, if you remember I gave my mother-in-law a crocheted goldfish.  Well, she is now ‘keeping’ the goldfish in her fish tank.  LOL


It looks kind of lonely.  I will have to add more goldfishes into the tank.  🙂

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One Monthly Goal finish

My OMG for October is completed.  I set out to finish Spud and I did.  It required knitting in rounds.  The instructions called for the use of double pointed needles but I used Magic Loop Knitting instead.  It was an enjoyable knit.


Another look at Spud with a dark background.



Beth from Cooking Up Quilts posted an encouraging comment on my last post.  I told her I would post pics of my disastrous sock.  Here goes.


If you look at the cuff closely in the pic below you will see that I got mixed up between knit and purl stitches.


You will also notice laddering of stitches at the sole area of the sock in the pic below.


I am definitely revisiting socks again. I just need time.

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October One Monthly Goal

I have not participated in Elm Street Quilts OMG for a few months already.  I think I should try to rejoin, at least in these last few months of 2017.

I have just started on another amigurumi.  This is a pattern by Susan B. Anderson and it is found in her book Spud and Chloe at the farm.  Since I started knitting and crocheting a few months ago, I have been very fascinated with amigurumis.  I have knitted the Little Lamb in Spud and Chloe at the farm and now I am knitting the star of the book, Spud, which is a full-grown sheep.  The great thing about knitting or crocheting amigurumis is that they are small projects which can be completed within a week, some even within a day.  Using Magic Loop to knit makes it very easy.  So glad I learnt this technique.  See my progress.


In the picture above, you see the back of Spud.  I am using my new Hiya Hiya steel interchangeable knitting needles.  I push against the needles when I knit so the Hiya Hiya Sharps will not be a good choice for me.  I love these needles and oh the cords are really flexible.  Let us see how Spud looks like from the front.


The balls of acrylic yarn all ready to go.  I am hoping to knit a few more sheep and lambs after Spud.  We will see how Spud goes.


So my goal for October is to complete Spud and then gift it away.

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April OMG Finish

I was very eager to complete my April OMG project.  I have a few handbags but I hardly interchange among them.  I was afraid that I would forget to transfer my staff pass, office/home keys when I change to a different handbag.  But I am not afraid anymore.  LOL.  My April OMG project is a handy purse organiser.  What does a purse organiser do?  You use it to carry all the stuff you normally carry in your handbag.  It is small and handy.  You can lift it out of one bag and place it into another bag.  In this way, you can easily change your handbags :).  The tutorial for the purse organiser is by Caroline at Sewcanshe.  You can get the free pattern here.

See the work-in-progress



The Finished product


The inside of the purse organiser.  Can you see the inside zipper pocket?


The purse organiser with the basket tote bag behind it.  The pattern for the basket tote bag is also by Caroline of Sewcanshe.  You can get the free pattern here.

purseorganiser & basket tote bag.jpg

The purse organiser fits neatly inside the basket tote bag. See the pics below

purseorganiser & basket tote bag1

purseorganiser & basket tote bag2

Next week I am going to use my Moonbag.  If you remember, I sewed this bag as one of my OMG last year.  With my new purse organiser, I can switch bag in an instant. Yay.



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