2017 FAL Q1 Goals

Since the beginning of 2017, life has been crazy.  On the work front, there are so many deadlines due in January. On the family side, we experienced the loss of an aunt.  One part of me is glad that she has gone to Heaven to be with Christ, where there is no pain nor suffering, but another part feels a sense of loss.  Perhaps I should have done more for her when she was alive, perhaps …  I was feeling rather down that I did not set any quilty goal for January’s One-Monthly-Goal.   These thoughts are not doing me any good.  I must get rid of all these negative stuff and focus my energy on creative things.   So here I am setting my goals for 2017 Q1 FAL.

Goal 1

I have finished the piecing of the scrappy pineapple quilt top.  Now to channel my energy to quilt it.   This is my No. 1 goal for Q1.  This quilt top is about the size of a king sized quilt. The great thing about this quilt is that 95% (not exact Math) of the fabric used was from scraps and my stash, including the beige fabric in the sashings and the fabric for outer borders (not in the pic below).  In the picture below, I had not attached the borders yet.  I had only purchased a dark blue cotton+ steel fabric for the thinner inner border (also not in the pic).  I am unable to show a pic with all the borders as the quilt top has just been loaded onto the long arm frame.  I really want to hand over the completed quilt to the gentleman who is donating to our church as soon as possible.  Praying hard that I will be focused when quilting it.


Goal 2

After sewing the zipper gathered pouch, I purchased Sue Kim’s book, Boutique Bags, in order to sew more pouches and bags.  My second goal for Q1 is to sew at least 2 of her bags in the book.

Goal 3

I promised my husband’s niece that I will sew her a quilt this year.  My third goal for Q1 is to pieced a quilt top for her.  I found out that her favourite colour is blue.  Also my favourite colour ( at the moment).  The only thing I have not decided is whether to do a scrappy blue quilt or a blue colour coordinated one.  I’ll have to decide … Later…

Goal 4

I saw a Hunter’s Star quilt recently.  See pic here and I have this urge to sew a quilt for myself.  Hey, I have not sewn any quilt for our bed yet.  Those I have sewn were gifted away.

Goal 5

I would like to sew another tote bag.  Similar to this one. But not exactly the same.


Well that is my list for Q1.  I’ll be very happy if I get to finish half of the goals.

Oh before I go, I thought I will leave you with a pic of my completed tatted doily.  I said that doily was completed in my last post but the pic shown then was not 100% completed.  That should not be the case.  I should have shown the finished product.  So here it is


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April’s One Monthly Goal

Time flies.  It is April…    Beginning of April is always Qing Ming Festival  (清明节).  During this time, the Chinese are busy cleaning and sweeping graves and tombstones.  It is a time to remember our ancestors.  In land scarce Singapore, we don’t bury our loved ones after they have passed on but instead cremate their physical bodies and keep the ashes in urns which are kept in niches in columbariums.  The Chinese culture is one of the oldest and we have many traditions which we still keep to this day.  Some of these traditions contradict or seem to contradict with the teachings of Christianity.  One such tradition is the Chinese dragon dance.  The Chinese dragon is deeply rooted in Chinese culture.  It is a symbol of strength, prosperity for the Chinese but the Bible clearly states that dragons are evil creatures.

Putting aside the contradiction, I tatted a Chinese dragon. It is a free pattern by Anne Bruvold.  She has number of patterns which I have yet to try.


I am already very busy with sewing/quilting, with tatting added on, I am not sure if I can share my love equally between the two of them. LOL.

To show that I have not neglected sewing/quilting, I started on a bag.  This pattern is in a book by Moya’s Workshop.


I purchased the book about 2 years back but it was kept in cold storage until now.  Moon Bag is the one that caught my eye.


The templates for the patterns are found in a CD that came with the book.  I printed out the templates on 6 pieces of A3 size paper.  Joined the pieces together as the templates were big and therefore each one of the template was not able to fit exactly to one piece of A3 size paper.


I decided on the following fabric from my stash


Using the templates, I have cut out a few pieces of fabric


My goal for April is to sew up this bag so this shall be my OMG: One Monthly Goal for April.

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