Goals of 2018

This should have been done earlier cos today is already 2018 (Singapore time) but better late than never.  I shall divide my goals for the new year into 2 main categories: Crafty goals and Personal goals.  The goals are listed below not by order of priority.

Crafty goals

  1.  To knit more.

In 2017, I picked up crochet and knitting again after a span of about 20 years.  I realise I enjoy knitting very much but my repertoire of knitting stitches is very limited.  I would like to learn to knit more in this new year and to knit a pair of socks and a sweater.

2.  To do more machine embroidery

I have a stock of machine embroidery designs that I had purchased in the past.  Many of these designs are wall hanging designs.  I aim to stitch at least 2 of these wall hanging designs out this year.

3.  To piece more quilt tops using my  stash of specialty rulers

First I have to restrain myself from purchasing more rulers and instead to use them to piece more quilt tops.

Personal goals

  1. To be more physically active in order to keep fit.  One of the reasons why I do not do much long arm quilting these past months is because my feet have been hurting.  I think if I keep myself more fit I will be more productive in my crafty pursuits.
  2. To cherish my husband more.  I heard a broadcast on Focus on the Family and the speaker talked about cherishing your spouse.  I did not do that very well in 2017.  After more than 20 years of marriage it is quite easy to take my husband for granted.  I must make effort to show appreciation for him and for the things he does for the family.
  3. To be more patient with my children.  Again I did not do this very well.  Juggling full time work with family and hobbies is not easy.  I need to prioritise.  Family must always come first.
  4. To read the Bible regularly if not everyday.  There is a saying, A Day Hem in Prayer Is Less Likely to Unravel.

I have listed my goals.  We will see how I fare come end of this year.

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Q4 Finish Along Goals

I have decided on my goals for Q4.  Some of these goals are uncompleted projects from earlier quarters.  I shall continue to list them here.

Goal #1 – Sock bunny

I fell in love with Susan B. Anderson’s patterns for knitted toys so I purchased her Opal Sock Bunny pattern and started on it.  Do bear in mind that I am still quite a newbie in knitting.  The last time I knitted was some 20 years ago and that was only doing knit and purl.  I used magic loop method which I learnt from Youtube.  My progress so far.



Goal #2 – Make another Sock Bunny like Goal #!

After I finished the bunny in Goal #1, I want to make another sock bunny but in a different colourway.  I have the yarn ready for this second sock bunny.


Goal #3 – Pieced and Quilt a quilt using Spinning pattern

I bought the Spinning pattern from Cooking Up Quilts but did not have the chance to use it.  Now is the time to use it for a quilt that is to be gifted to my husband’s nephew.  Ben is getting married in January next year.  What better gift for the bride and bridegroom than a quilt?  These fabric are all washed and ready to be cut into yummy strips.


Goal #4 – Quilt and bind a pieced quilt top

The quilt top is not pressed yet.  It will soon be and loaded onto the long arm.


Goal #5 – Corner to Corner crochet a Advent calendar

This Advent calendar pattern is by Repeat Crafter Me.  I fell in love with the pattern when I set my eyes on it.  Christmas is just around the corner.   This Advent calendar is so appropriate for the season to remember Christ.  My yarn from Amazon is waiting patiently to be put to good use.


Goal #6 – Wristlet

This should be a quick project but I am taking a long time to embark on it even though I have decided on the fabric.  Maybe I should speed up to link up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It.


Goal #7 – My Funny Valentine

To finish the applique and then quilt it.


Goal #8 – Sunbonnet Sue purse

Another WIP waiting to be completed into a small coin purse.


Goal #9 – Colourful Patchwork Tote Bag

To complete this into a usable tote bag.  I am still debating on whether to sew it up with a zipper or not.  See my pellon gridded interfacing with the Essex linen fabric below.  This pattern is by Caroline of SewCanShe.  I took her Craftsy class.


Goal #10 – Table runner quilt kit

This kit was purchased a few years back.  Time to work on it.


Goal #11 – Wall hanging kit

Another kit purchased a few years back.  I must be disciplined to finished it up.  When I saw it then, I was so motivated but after I received the kit, I kind of lose my eagerness.


Goal #12 – Quilt and bind the King size quilt top

Quilt top was completed when I participated in Meadow Mist mystery quilt last year.  What is left is to quilt it and bind.


I am listing these goals down hoping to complete a few in this last quarter of 2017.  Wish me luck.

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2017 Q3 Goals

We have crossed mid year and now we are in Q3 of 2017.  Now is time to list my goals for Q3

Goal #1 – Wristlet zipper purse

Sue Kim’s pattern.  I did not manage to complete this wristlet in Q2.  The pattern is from her book “Bags the Modern Classic”.  I intend to use the following 2 fabric for the pouch. I have also printed the template for the pattern.


Goal #2 – Colourful patchwork tote bag by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield

These charm squares that I purchased from Connecting Threads a few years ago are perfect for the colourful patchwork tote bag by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield.  I took her Craftsy class where she taught how to sew this bag.


Goal #3 – Bavarian crochet scarf

This scarf was a result from my Bavarian Crochet class.  I am half way crocheting this scarf.  Just need to crochet another few more rows and it is done.


Goal #4 – My Funny Valentine Wall hanging

This applique wall hanging was a project from Sarah Fielke’s Craftsy class.  I hope to finish the applique and do some simple quilting to complete the wall hanging.


Goal #5 – Sun Bonnet Sue coin purse

The applique for this Sun Bonnet Sue is done.  The design is from Akemi Shibata’s book, Quilted Bags and Gifts.  Just need to do embroidery of the background and I will be able to sew it into a coin purse.


Goal #6 – Peared Up’ wall hanging

This kit was purchased a few years ago.  I must use it to make a wall hanging.


Goal #7 – ‘Blooming Basket’ table runner

Another kit by Connecting Threads which I had purchased a few years ago.   My goal is to complete this table runner this year.


Goal #8 – Mystery quilt by Meadow Mist

The quilt top of the 2016 mystery quilt by Meadow Mist is done. Now to quilt it.


Goal #9  – Kindred Pinwheel quilt

I would like to make a quilt for a colleague’s daughter  using a pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company – Kindred Pinwheel pattern.   You can view the tutorial for this quilt here.  Her favourite colours are lavender, lilac and purple colour.  So I have chosen this fabric as the main fabric for the quilt.


Goal #10 –  Hunter Star Quilt for myself

Hunter Star pattern has been in my to-do list for a long time.  I reserved the following 2 pieces of fabric from my stash for this quilt.


Goal#11 – Double wedding Quilt

A Double Wedding Ring Quilt using the Quick Curve Ruler.  I have just the fabric for this, Hometown Girl Jelly roll by Pat Sloan.


Goal #12 – Bind Stained Glass Peacock wall hanging

This was supposed to be a trial for my Tiffany Stained Glass Peacock wall hanging.  There was some slippage in the hoop when I machine embroidered the Peacock so I did not use it in the main wallhanging.  You can see that the black outline is off.  Rather than leave it as a WIP, I might as well sew on a binding to make it into a mini wall hanging.


Goal #13 – Crochet a hat and scarf

When I was in Spotlight, I bought these balls of yarn hoping to crochet a matching set of hat and scarf, pattern name is Snowball Hat and Scarf.  You can see the pattern here.  It is the dark grey set with light grey patches in the scarf and hat.


Goal #14 – Baby quilt top

This darling quilt top is made from a quilt panel.  What is left is to quilt and bind it.


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2016 Aurifil Block of the Month Quilt

I must be losing my grey matter.  I forgot to set my OMG goal for June.  This is the second time I forgot to set my OMG goal.  The good thing about not setting monthly goals is that I do not feel pressured to complete a project within the month.  The bad thing is that I lose focus and  started on a few projects at one go.  I took a Craftsy class by Sarah Fielke “Big Techniques Small Scraps” where she taught needle-turn applique and a few other techniques.  The needle-turn applique project from her class was a fun applique wall hanging.  I have dabbled in needle-turn applique in the past but did not enjoy it because I found it tedious and difficult.  Sarah’s technique of applique is simpler than those I have seen before so I decided to give needle-turn applique another go.  This is the work in progress (see pic below).  I may change out the fabric of the centre flower.  Still deciding…


I learnt quite a few techniques and I enjoyed the class.


This book came in the mail a few weeks ago.  Saw a Sunbonnet Sue coin pouch inside the book.  So irresistible… and so timely.  The book came after I had taken Sarah’s class.  I can make use of the applique technique that I have just learnt in her class for this pouch! And the resulting work in progress is as follows:


Two applique projects at one go.   Then I chanced upon an Annie’s Class on Bavarian crochet.  Now I have not crocheted for more than 30 years.  The introduction to the class is soooo… tempting.  What am I to do but to purchase the online class.  The very next day I visited Spotlight Singapore and what a coincidence (or is it?) that Spotlight was having a 40% off for all yarns.  As happy as a lark, I bought myself a few balls of wool and a crochet needle.  My scarf in progress …


The 2016 Aurifil Block of the Month quilt is bound and washed.  When I was sewing up the blocks, I used my scraps of blues that I had at that time.  The quilting took much longer than my previous quilts.  I wanted to try denser quilting and I wanted a ‘bluer’ quilt so I used blue Signature cotton quilting thread.  Well the blue thread did make the quilt look bluer but it also ‘highlight’ my oops.  However, my children think it looks great. They were not able to spot my mistakes.  LOL.  I am just glad that the quilt is completed. This quilt is going to my husband’s niece in Australia.  This is my 5th finish for Q2 of 2017 Finish A-long and it is Goal #9,  See my goals for Q2 FAL here.


A closer look of the front


Let’s take a look at the back of the quilt.


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Q2 FAL Goals

I have decided.  I will list all the projects that I intend to finish in 2017. If I manage to squeeze in any extra projects, that will be a bonus 🙂  Any projects not completed in Q2 will be rolled over to Q3 and then Q4.

Goal #1 – Linnea Ruffled bag

I started this in Q1.  The pattern for this bag came from Sue Kim’s book.  It was one of my goals for Q1 but I did not complete it in time for Q1 finish.  See the WIP



Goal #2 – Gathered zipper pouch

Another of Sue Kim’s pattern.  I had sewn one last year as a birthday present for my sister-in-law.  I would like to sew another one for myself.


Goal #3 – Wristlet zipper purse

Sue Kim’s pattern again.  It is from her book “Bags the Modern Classic”.  I bought 2 of her e-books last year and I intend to make full use of the pattern books.  I have paired up the following 2 fabric for the pouch.  See the template that I have printed out… all ready to go.



Goal #4 – Patchwork tote bag using mini charm squares

I started this project towards the end of last year but I got ‘distracted’.


Hopefully I can complete it this quarter.  According to the lady who wrote the tutorial, she finished it in 1 afternoon.  Can you see how ‘slow’ I am in sewing?  LOL  You can view the pattern cum tutorial here

Goal #5 – Colourful patchwork tote bag by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield

I found Caroline’s blog by accident and I fell in love with her projects and tutorials. Hence I purchased a Craftsy Class by her on Colourful Patchwork Bags.  I don’t know why but this year I just have this urge to sew many bags and pouches.   I have a few packs of charm squares that I purchased from Connecting Threads a few years ago.   Caroline’s bag is the perfect project to use these.


Goal #6 – Colourful patchwork pouch by Caroline

Caroline’s Craftsy class also teaches how to sew a zipper pouch using grid interfacing.  A friend helped me carry back from US some Pellon grid interfacing which I purchased specially for this project.  Can’t wait to sew the pouch using this method.


Goal #7- Mini Ring Table Runner

When my friend came back from the States, he also helped carry back a mini quick curve ruler and the Mini Ring Pattern.  I have started on a table runner with the ruler and pattern.


Goal #8 – Quilt for a colleague’s daughter

I have yet to decide on the pattern for this quilt but I do know the little girl loves lavender, lilac and purple colour.  So I have chosen a fabric for the quilt.


Goal #9 – 2016 Aurifil Block of the month quilt for my husband’s niece

This quilt comprises of blocks from 2016 Aurifil Block of the month.     The pic below shows the quilt top without its borders.  It is now all pieced.  What is left is to quilt it.


Goal #10 – Mystery quilt by Meadow Mist

In my last post I showed the first version of the mystery quilt.  Since then I have added a flying geese border and a 2-strip outer border.  Now to quilt it.


Goal #11 – Hunter Star Quilt for myself

I reserved the following 2 pieces of fabric from my stash for this quilt.


Goal #12- ‘Peared Up’ wall hanging

This kit was purchased a few years ago and kept in cold storage.  Now is the time to use it to make a wall hanging.


Goal #13 – ‘Blooming Basket’ table runner

Another kit by Connecting Threads which I had purchased a few years ago.  Don’t know why I bought it and kept it for so long.  My wish is to complete table runner this year.



Goal#14 – Double wedding Quilt

After I finish with Mini Ring table runner (Goal #7), I intend to work on a Double Wedding Ring quilt using the Metro Ring pattern and the original Quick Curve Ruler.  I hesitated to start on this quilt because I read that the squaring up of the blocks may pose some problems.  Hopefully after I had done the Mini Ring table runner, I will be wiser. LOL.  I have just the fabric for this quilt.  Hometown Girl Jelly roll by Pat Sloan.


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Hearts Intertwine – Storm at Sea pattern

I want to thank everyone who posted words of encouragement on my previous post.  I am happy to report that I have completed Hearts Intertwine, a Storm at Sea pattern.   This quilt top was pieced using scraps from my earlier projects.  Only the red fabric and the borders were cut from my yardage of fabric.  You can read about the piecing of the quilt top here and the tutorial on how I construct it here.  I quilted based on a picture of a quilt by John Flynn found here.  Below shows my completed quilt.

Hearts Intertwine quilted2.jpg

More pictures showing detailed quilting of feathers.



I mentioned in one of my earlier post that I took an iquilt class.  Well, I did purchase one class, then I purchased another by Judi Madsen.  I love her quilting, especially her feathers.  I tried to incorporate what I learnt from her class.  She loves to add details to her feathers but I was not so adventurous with this quilt so I left out the details.

What about another picture of Hearts Intertwine?  This time hanging above the headboard of our bed.

Hearts Intertwine quilted 3.jpg

This is my 1st finish for FAL Q4 goals.  Yay, one down, five to go.  See my goals for FAL Q4 here  Linking up with 2016 Q4 FAL finishes

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Blogger’s Quilt Festival – New York Beauty Wall Hanging

When I submitted my first entry to the Large Quilt Category of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, I thought that would be my only entry this year.  But when I read that Amy  is extending the deadline for entry to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, I decided to enter another of my quilt to the Small Quilt Category.  This wall hanging was completed a few years back when I was at a very low point in my life.  I used sewing and quilting to keep me sane and it helped me pulled myself out of the pits.  Till this day it is still my favourite.  It is a combination of machine embroidery and quilting.  The machine embroidery pattern was purchased from Laura’s Sewing Studio.  She did a great job digitizing the New York Beauty.  Using the New York Beauty blocks, I sewed them into flowers.  I also embellished the quilt with free-standing butterflies and buttons



The quilt measures approximately 40 x 25 inches.  See the full quilt hanging on the wall.


I bound the quilt using prairie points.


Do pop by Amyscreativeside to view all the other beautiful creations by talented quilters.


September Goal, another FAL Finish and another quilt top pieced

This past week was bad cos I did not get much sewing done.  Was working late in school grading scripts most of the weekdays and even brought them home to grade.

My pastor’s wife commissioned me to make 2 baby quilts.  I have pieced 1 of the quilt top but what about the other?  Lee Meng did it for me.  Lee Meng was my colleague for many years.  After retirement, she spent some time in Australia where she picked up quilting.  When she came back, she dabbled in small quilting projects but it was always hand stitching.  She took some classes with Sing Mui Heng and Quilts and Friends as she was not confident to attempt any projects on her own.  With persuasion, she bought a Brother sewing machine last year which she left sitting in the ivory tower.  What is the use of a machine is one does not use it?  In one of our conversations, I told her that I normally sew on Saturday mornings and she is welcome to join me (she lives just 5 minutes drive from my house).  Since the beginning of August she has been coming to my house with her machine to sew every Sat morning.  I cut up the fabric and she pieced the top for me.  It is a win win situation as I got help with the baby quilt and she learnt to use her machine. LOL Let’s see Lee Meng  in action.

Lee Meng.jpg

And Tadah…

Orange baby quilt-PE.jpg

I am so proud of her.  She is definitely more confident in using her machine so for this month she is piecing her own project, a fabric panel that she had purchased some years ago.

For my September OMG goal I am setting a goal to sew 20 pineapple blocks.

Pineapple block.jpg

These blocks are meant for a project that will help with raising funds for our church’s land lease renewal.  I am really not confident I can achieve this goal but putting it down in writing means that I am committed to achieving it. LOL

I also finished another wall hanging for my 2016 FAL goal.  This is my 3rd finish for Q3 FAL.  My original intention was to make this into a table topper.  But decided that I wanted a wall hanging instead.  I have quilted different motifs on it and a wall hanging would be able to show off these motifs better.  The front of the wall hanging.

New Block blog hop wall hanging.jpg

And the back

New Block blog hop WH back.jpg

I got my inspiration for the quilting of circles from Living Water Quilter.  Dena is such a talent when it comes to FMQ.  The wall hanging is now beside my grandson clock.

New Block blog hop WH hang.jpg

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July’s OMG Finish and a finish for Q3 FAL

I finally decided on a pattern for the first baby quilt.  It is from the book ’29 Scrappy Quilts’ by Better Homes and Gardens.  After cutting up my fabric, I kind of regretted my decision and the reason was the blocks for that quilt were small, they finish at 4 x 4 inches.  To piece up the blocks I had to cut 1 1/2x 1 1/2 inches squares.  But what was I to do as I had cut up the fabric.  So I pressed ahead and sewed up the quilt top.  I am not good with sewing a consistent 1/4 inch seam so sewing a small square to another small square poses a problem.  I had to sew slowly and used a stiletto.  Still some of the seams were not ‘ideal’.  Anyway, here is my finished quilt top.

SawTooth Star baby quilt-PH

I have to say I am rather pleased with it as the colours are so sweet and apt for a baby girl.

I have also finished quilting and binding The Rugged Cross.  This is my 1st finish for Q3 FAL.

The Rugged Cross.jpg

However, I am having difficulty with the Cambodian quilt cos the girls there have overlocked the seams (see pic below) and that makes them very bulky.

Cambodian quilt centre.jpg

I am now in the process of unpicking these seams.  I forsee difficulty in sewing them back together later cos the pieces of fabric were not cut accurately and their sizes differ.

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Storm at Sea-May OMG finish

At the beginning of May, I set my goal to piece a Storm at Sea wallhanging top.  I am so glad I make it in time.  It is not big, only 45 inches x 39 inches and it is not difficult.  Just tedious.  I am having a fabric moratorium this year (at least trying very hard to have one, LOL)  so whatever I sew, I have to use my stash.  I was using my blue scraps to sew the blocks when it dawned on me that I should turn to Google, my internet teacher, to look for inspiration.  As I googled, I chanced upon Quilter’s Cache where I saw the Heart in the middle of the Storm at Sea pattern and I also saw Eugene’s block.  So I decided to combine design elements from both and I came up with this.

Storm at Sea wallhanging

Before arriving at this finished top, I had to audition different layouts and asked my husband and children for opinions.  Below is a few pictures of my auditioning photos.

A layout without borders.

Storm at sea audition2

I was trying to see how it looks like with the stars at the borders, auditioning 2 shades of blue fabric.

Storm at sea audition5

Storm at Sea has been in my bucket list for the longest time.  A good friend gave me a book, Calming the Storm, by Darlene Zimmerman and Joy Hoffman, published in 1996.

Calming the Storm bookcover

I fell in love with Storm at Sea because of this book.  The patterns inside make use of the blocks in Storm at Sea.  The book is definitely a source of inspiration but I did not follow the dimensions as given in the book.  I was using Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler and Square 2 ruler so I had to make block sizes that the rulers support.  I may just write a short tutorial in the future on how I construct my Storm at Sea using the dimensions I used, 3 inches finished V block, 3 inches finished Square in square the 6 inches finished Square in square for the bigger Square in square unit.  When we combine these basic units together, we get a Storm at Sea block as follows.

Storm at sea block

In the Storm at Sea block above, I sewed up the 2 V blocks on the left of the block so that it looks like a diamond rect.  The other 2 V blocks at the top right-hand side of the Storm at Sea block are not sewn together yet.  I hope you can see the before sewn and after sewn effect of the V blocks. Then we just replicate this Storm at Sea block for as many times as we want to create the quilt size we desire.

I love to sew but I hate doing the math.  As a result I ended up with a number of V block units and Square in square units unused.  I may just combine these orphaned blocks to sew up another quilt, maybe a table runner. LOL.

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