December OMG

ūüė¶ I did not make it for November’s OMG. ¬†I was supposed to sew 20 pineapple blocks but I only did 10 blocks by the end of November. ¬†See my blocks below.


What is my excuse for not meeting November’s goal? ¬†I was busy pattern testing a bag pattern by Urbanstyle Jantine. ¬†LOL. ¬†If you remember, I was sewing up 35 log cabin blocks for this bag. ¬†Let me give you a sneak peek on my pattern testing.


I pieced up all 35 blocks and quilted it.  I will write more about this bag in another post when Jantine is ready to release her pattern.

Well it is a new month. ¬†New beginning. ¬†We have plans to meet up our extended family during the Christmas weekend to celebrate Christmas and my sister-in-law’s birthday. What do you give to a lady who has almost everything? ¬†After some deliberation, I decided to sew a gathered zipper pouch for her. ¬†This will be my OMG for December. ¬†I am hoping to sew it in time to make it for the Bag It event too. ¬†I intend to follow the pattern by Sue Kim. ¬†The tutorial for the pouch can be found here.

For the pineapple quilt top, I am still short of 12 blocks. ¬†I do hope to piece this pineapple quilt top by end December. ¬†Beside this, I also wish to make a table runner for a housewarming gift. ¬†Oh dear, so many goals and so little time. ¬†Don’t forget, I have yet to complete my Q4 Finish-Along goals…. ¬†See picture below. ¬†I am in the midst of ‘nemeshing’ one of the 2 Cambodian quilt tops. ¬†I bought a few books¬†by Bethanne Nemesh where she teaches ‘nemeshing’, her unique quilting style. ¬†Finishing these 2 tops is one of my goals for Q4. ¬†Once done, they will be sold to raise funds for the Emmaus Women’s Centre in Cambodia.


Ok.  Take a deep breath.  Take one step at a time. Now back to quilting.

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Baby Citrus Quilt and October OMGQ

I had wanted to write this post earlier but I changed my phone. Handphones nowadays are not just phones. ¬†They are also secretaries, sending reminders on appointments; torchlights, when walking in the dark; and more importantly to me, they are my cameras. ¬†I take pictures of my quilting projects with my phones. ¬†So when I changed my phone this week, I realised all my photos are in my old phone. ¬†Of course I could copy them over to my new phone but being not so tech savvy, the whole copying process is taking longer than I expected….

I completed the quilting and the binding of the second baby quilt. ¬†Let’s see the quilt top before quilting.


After quilting,


I quilted with an all over motif which I saw at Wendy Sheppard’s blog here. ¬†I am sure you notice scallops at the bottom right-hand edge and at the top left-hand edge of the quilt. ¬†I decided to try something different using the Quick Point Scallop ruler. ¬†A friend helped me carry these back from the States and she wanted to see the ruler in ‘action’. ¬†A close up shot of the scallops.

Baby Citrus quilt4.jpg

My pastor’s wife was very happy with both quilts. ¬†I am glad to strike off 1 goal from my FAL Q4 list. ¬†This is my 3rd finish for Q4 FAL. ¬†See my original list of goals here. ¬†Linking up with 2016 Q4 FAL finishes

On another note, I am happy to report that I finished my Oct OMG.  My goal for Oct was to make 35 log cabin blocks.  As usual, I was so enthusiastic sewing that I ended up sewing 38 blocks.  3 extra blocks.

Log Cabin blocks35.jpg

These blocks will go into making a bag, pattern by urbanstylejantine.

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OMG for October

What goal shall I set for October?  I have not completed my pineapple blocks.  Shall I set the same goal as September?  But it will be boring to set the same goal.  I think I will set a different goal.  This time my goal will be to piece 35 log cabin blocks.  I am getting these blocks ready for a bag, pattern by Jantine of UrbanStyleJantine. Let see how I progress with this goal.  Oh dear, there is so much to be done before Christmas.


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