April OMG Finish

I was very eager to complete my April OMG project.  I have a few handbags but I hardly interchange among them.  I was afraid that I would forget to transfer my staff pass, office/home keys when I change to a different handbag.  But I am not afraid anymore.  LOL.  My April OMG project is a handy purse organiser.  What does a purse organiser do?  You use it to carry all the stuff you normally carry in your handbag.  It is small and handy.  You can lift it out of one bag and place it into another bag.  In this way, you can easily change your handbags :).  The tutorial for the purse organiser is by Caroline at Sewcanshe.  You can get the free pattern here.

See the work-in-progress



The Finished product


The inside of the purse organiser.  Can you see the inside zipper pocket?


The purse organiser with the basket tote bag behind it.  The pattern for the basket tote bag is also by Caroline of Sewcanshe.  You can get the free pattern here.

purseorganiser & basket tote bag.jpg

The purse organiser fits neatly inside the basket tote bag. See the pics below

purseorganiser & basket tote bag1

purseorganiser & basket tote bag2

Next week I am going to use my Moonbag.  If you remember, I sewed this bag as one of my OMG last year.  With my new purse organiser, I can switch bag in an instant. Yay.



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April One Monthly Goal

I sewed a basket tote last month on impulse after viewing the tutorial at sewcanshe.  See my basket tote below.


While at Caroline’s blog aka sewcanshe, I saw the purse organiser tutorial.  Just what I need to use in my basket tote bag.  I had to visit a number of fabric and haberdashery shops before I found a bright orange mesh fabric.


Well it was not my first choice of colour but it was the only mesh fabric I could find so I will have to settle for that.  My OMG for April was to use the orange mesh fabric and fabric from my stash to make a Handy Purse Organiser.

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OMG February Goal & Aurifil 2017 February Block

I enjoyed making the Denim tote bag using June Tailor’s Charming Circles ruler.  This was the goal that I set for February. It was fun to make something of a smaller scale (compared to a king-sized quilt).  The denim fabric was from Bedok Methodist church.  There is a group of women from this church who meets every week to fellowship and sew together. The items they sew are put up for sale at the end of the year to raise funds for missionaries.  I joined their sewing circle once and had a great time but due to work commitment I am unable to join them now.  They had boxes of denim fabric donated by a jeans manufacturer and they did not know what to do with the fabric.  They gave me some to ‘use’.  Well the tote bag was a good project to use the fabric.  I followed the tutorial here.  Once the bag was done, I ‘returned’ it back to Bedok Methodist Church Sewing Circle. This is my contribution to their craft fair this year :).  Here are some pics that I managed to take.


Charming Circles tote bag2.jpg

Don’t you just love the shabby chic look that fraying denim gives?

Just as I was deciding on which WIP to tackle next, I saw Pat Sloan’s post on her layout of the quilt made with blocks from 2016 Aurifil Block of the Month Designers .  If you remembered, I was faithfully sewing my 2016 Aurifil blocks until I started working feverishly on the commissioned pineapple quilt.  By then, I had sewn 7 blocks, i.e. the last block I sewed was July 2016.  Her post reminded me that I have 4 more blocks outstanding and it is time to finish it up.  Happily I sewed blocks for Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov.  Problem came when I started on Dec’s block.  It is a paper piecing block.  My paper piecing skills have a lot of room for improvement and I mean A LOT!  Dec’s block is very pretty but to construct it I needed to paper piece 6 parts then join them together.  I struggled with each part as I was not good at estimating the size of each piece of fabric required.  When I tried to join the 6 parts together, disaster struck, the parts did not meet.  In other words, I was not able to join the 6 parts together and still get 12 1/2″ square for the completed block.  I was so frustrated.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with the pattern.  It is a very pretty block.  A bad workman blames his tools.  No.  Not me.  I will not blame anyone for my lack of skills.  I really need to work on paper piecing!

Then I saw Maureen Cracknell’s Dutch Treat block .  It was love at first sight!  That was it.  I would make her block instead and that would complete the 12 blocks I needed for Pat’s quilt layout pattern.

2017 Aurifil Feb block.jpg

I chuckled while reading Tish’s post at Tish’s Adventures on Wonderland on having a squirrel that distracted her from everything that she should be doing.   We shared the same weakness.  I was so sure that I was not going to be doing anything else except those quilty goals that I set for myself for this month.  Wrong!  I chanced upon Caroline’s Basket Tote bag at Sewcanshe and I was captivated.  Whatever resolve that I had to be disciplined and focused on what I set out to do completely disappeared when I saw that she is providing the pattern to the Basket Tote Bag free!  I had to drop everything and sew that bag.  I was meant to sew that bag.  My order from Amazon was delivered just not too long ago with packets of Soft and Stable and Bosal In-R-Form,  the ingredient for making good structure bags, and they were waiting patiently for me to use them for some worthwhile projects.  LOL.  I must say the Basket Tote is definitely a worthwhile project.  I am more than pleased with how it turned out.

Basket Tote bag2.jpg

I fussy cut an Indonesian batik fabric that I purchased from Malaysia last year.  Like all quilters, I have a weakness for fabric.  When I saw this piece of fabric, I told myself I had to have it.  I had made up my mind that I was going to use it for a bag.  It is a very beautiful piece of fabric but I would not want to use it on a quilt as the colours bleed quite a lot.  I had pre-washed it and it bled everytime it was immersed in water.

Let’s take a look at the inside of the bag.


I added 2 more pockets to the lining of the bag so I have 4 pockets in total.  Just what I need.  Caroline linked her bag tutorial to Perfect fabric purse handles at Blue Susan Makes and it was there that I learnt to sew my dream bag handles.  If I were to buy this type of handles, it would cost a hand grenade.  Now I can make them myself.  Yay.  Thank you Caroline and Susan who are so generous to share your knowledge and creativity with us!

Bag handles.jpg

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Bags as Birthday gifts and a bag for myself

I managed to sew 2 bags as birthday presents for my sister-in-law.  The gathered zipper bag is also my goal for December OMG.  So glad I managed to finish them.  To say the truth, I am rather pleased with the 2 bags.  I hope the recipient will like them as much as I do.

The Japanese Knot Bag or Grab Bag.


I followed the tutorial from AllPeople Quilt.  I will definitely make more.  This bag is so cute.

The Gathered Zipper Pouch.


I followed the tutorial here.  I will use fabric of a different colour the next time I sew this bag.

When I pattern tested for Jantine at UrbanStyleJantine, I sewed a tote for myself by modifying her pattern and using a tutorial by So Sew Easy .  The pictures below show the 2 sides of the tote.



This bag was made from a quilt sandwich that I practised long arm quilting on.  I had planned to trash this quilt sandwich.  So glad I did not throw it away.  See the transformation.  LOL.

The yellow/purple rose on the tote bag was made with Quick point Scallop ruler.  This ruler has a variety of uses.  I had used this ruler to add scallops to the edge of the Baby Citrus quilt.   Nothing like a ruler with multiple uses.  🙂  Let’s take a look at the recessed zipper on the bag.  I think the gusset for the zipper should be longer for better coverage of the bag opening.  Well next time…


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September Goal, another FAL Finish and another quilt top pieced

This past week was bad cos I did not get much sewing done.  Was working late in school grading scripts most of the weekdays and even brought them home to grade.

My pastor’s wife commissioned me to make 2 baby quilts.  I have pieced 1 of the quilt top but what about the other?  Lee Meng did it for me.  Lee Meng was my colleague for many years.  After retirement, she spent some time in Australia where she picked up quilting.  When she came back, she dabbled in small quilting projects but it was always hand stitching.  She took some classes with Sing Mui Heng and Quilts and Friends as she was not confident to attempt any projects on her own.  With persuasion, she bought a Brother sewing machine last year which she left sitting in the ivory tower.  What is the use of a machine is one does not use it?  In one of our conversations, I told her that I normally sew on Saturday mornings and she is welcome to join me (she lives just 5 minutes drive from my house).  Since the beginning of August she has been coming to my house with her machine to sew every Sat morning.  I cut up the fabric and she pieced the top for me.  It is a win win situation as I got help with the baby quilt and she learnt to use her machine. LOL Let’s see Lee Meng  in action.

Lee Meng.jpg

And Tadah…

Orange baby quilt-PE.jpg

I am so proud of her.  She is definitely more confident in using her machine so for this month she is piecing her own project, a fabric panel that she had purchased some years ago.

For my September OMG goal I am setting a goal to sew 20 pineapple blocks.

Pineapple block.jpg

These blocks are meant for a project that will help with raising funds for our church’s land lease renewal.  I am really not confident I can achieve this goal but putting it down in writing means that I am committed to achieving it. LOL

I also finished another wall hanging for my 2016 FAL goal.  This is my 3rd finish for Q3 FAL.  My original intention was to make this into a table topper.  But decided that I wanted a wall hanging instead.  I have quilted different motifs on it and a wall hanging would be able to show off these motifs better.  The front of the wall hanging.

New Block blog hop wall hanging.jpg

And the back

New Block blog hop WH back.jpg

I got my inspiration for the quilting of circles from Living Water Quilter.  Dena is such a talent when it comes to FMQ.  The wall hanging is now beside my grandson clock.

New Block blog hop WH hang.jpg

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August OMG Finish and Q3 FAL Finish

August has been a productive month in the quilting sense.  First to report, I accomplished my August OMG with 2 draw string bags.  The first was made using a tutorial from From My Carolina Home .  Carole’s draw string bag requires a plastic thingy, the type that is used when we do rug hooking.  I was not able to get this plastic thingy but I managed to purchase corrugated plastic sheet from a stationery shop.  I had thought of using paper cardboard but that would mean that I will not be able to wash my draw string bag.  The picture below shows my corrugated plastic sheet minus the 3 inches circle I cut out using scissors.  The 3 inches circle is meant to be the base of the bag.

Corrugated plastic

I am rather pleased with the resulting bag.

Draw string bag 1

I used a batik fabric with Christmas theme for the lining.  I fell in love with the fabric when I first saw it.  Brought it home and started washing it (I prewash all my fabric).  To my horror, the colours bled and they bled so badly that the fabric was smudged.  I had contemplated trashing the fabric but now I found a good use for it.  Hehee..

Draw string bag 1b

The rounded base really gives it shape.  My only complaint is that it is slightly small for my needs.  I had cut the circle using Creative Grid Circle Savvy ruler and the maximum diameter that can be cut from this ruler is 15 inches.

Circle Savvy ruler

After allowing for seam allowance, I am down to about 14 1/2 inches of diameter.  I have to think of another way to draw  and cut a bigger circle, approximately 18 – 20 inches in diameter.  Any suggestions?

I also made another draw string bag using the pattern written by Jeni from In Colour Order.  This draw string bag is much bigger and definitely allows me to put my stuff like handphone and wallet into the bag.  My only regret when I made this bag is that I did not use an interfacing for the exterior fabric.  I did fused an interfacing for the first bag and that gave it body.  Without the interfacing, this bag looks a little ‘flat’.  However I did have a ‘bottom’ for the bag using the corrugated plastic I bought.  See the 2 bags sitting side by side.

2 drawstring bags

Next up is the Cambodian quilt top.  It was a tough decision on whether to rip it out or not but in end I did and now we have 2 quilts.  This is my second finish for Q3 FAL.  One of the quilt measures 38 x 38 inches, just nice for a baby quilt.

Cambodian baby quilt'

and the other a small table topper measuring approximately 23 inches by 17 inches.

Cambodian Table Topper

This past week, I was invited by a colleague to his home for lunch.  Last minute, I decided to sew up a gift, a table runner based on a pattern I found on Craftsy by Vendulka.  She has some very pretty table runner patterns for sale.

I have lots of scraps, bonus triangles from previous projects, and I have been thinking of ways to use them.  I sewed these up to form HSTs and with these I constructed the centre of the table runner.  I then cut up strips of fabric from my fat quarters and whatever leftover fabric from previous projects.  See my progress as I auditioned my fabric and added the strips of fabric…

Audition of fabric-runner



After adding the last chevron round,


Chevron table runner process3.jpg

And finally the finished table runner on the console in the host home.


I have to say this is one of my fastest project so I should give myself a pat on the back.  LOL.  Most importantly the colleague and his wife love this.

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Update:  I am linking up with 2016 Finish A-Long Q3 Finishes.  The quilt top from Cambodia, by Emmaus Women Centre was ripped out and sewn into 2 smaller quilts, the baby quilt and the table topper.  This was my goal for Q3

August OMG and Aurifil Block for July

Aurifil July’s Block of the month is designed by Wendy Sheppard.  She is one of my favourite designer and free motion quilter.  I completed the block and here it is:

July Aurifil Block

All the 7 Aurifil blocks together look like this:

7 Aurifil blocks together

When I saw the post by Heidi of Red Letter Quilts about a tutorial by From My Carolina Home on how to make a sewing kit, I was inspired.  I have yet to prepare Christmas gifts and Christmas is just a few months away.  Drawing string bags are versatile and so suitable as gifts especially to the womenfolk.

My August quilty goal is to sew up at least one draw string bag.  There are so many patterns to sew from.  Beside the pattern from From My Carolina Home, I like the patterns from In Colour Order   I hope to be able to sew more than one so as to get gifts ready for Christmas.

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