November OMG

I know this post is last minute but I had a hard time deciding my November OMG.   Finally I decided on piecing another 20 pineapple blocks.  I had done 22 blocks in September. These blocks are to go into a quilt that requires at least 49 blocks.  I am not so hopeful that I can complete these 20 blocks in November but I will try.  The quilt is commissioned by a gentleman worshiping in a sister church.  He is willing to contribute to our church’s lease renewal fund for this pineapple quilt that I am sewing.  I am flattered but at the same time stressed.  Not sure if the quilt will be to his liking.  Here is a picture of the blocks that I had done for September.  Hopefully at the end of November I can show another 20 blocks added in.  LOL.  I am linking up with November OMG at Elm Street Quilts



September OMG Finish-Pineapple Blocks

I made it!  20 pineapple blocks each measuring 12.5 x 12.5 inches.  When I put this down as my goal for September, Heidi commented that pineapple blocks are time consuming to make.  She could not be more right.  I cut strips of 1.5 inches wide from my stash, both dark and light coloured fabric and I sewed 2 blocks at a time using chain piecing.  Still it took me a few hours just to sew 2 blocks up.  I need more than 20 blocks, at least 49.  As at last night, I completed 20 blocks and by tonight (still September), I would have an additional 2 more blocks.  I exceeded my target!  It feels great to meet one’s goal.  I think I am very task oriented.  LOL.

P_20160929_220054[1].jpg I love this pattern as it is a great scrap buster.  I am able to use fabric leftover from my previous projects.  Can you spot familiar fabrics?

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