Q2 FAL Goals

I have decided. ¬†I will list all the projects that I intend to finish in 2017. If I manage to squeeze in any extra projects, that will be a bonus ūüôā ¬†Any projects not completed in Q2 will be rolled over to Q3 and then Q4.

Goal #1 – Linnea Ruffled bag

I started this in Q1. ¬†The pattern for this bag came from Sue Kim’s book. ¬†It was one of my goals for Q1 but I did not complete it in time for Q1 finish. ¬†See the WIP



Goal #2 – Gathered zipper pouch

Another of Sue Kim’s pattern. ¬†I had sewn one last year as a birthday present for my sister-in-law. ¬†I would like to sew another one for myself.


Goal #3 – Wristlet zipper purse

Sue Kim’s pattern again. ¬†It is from her book “Bags the Modern Classic”. ¬†I bought 2 of her e-books last year and I intend to make full use of the pattern books. ¬†I have paired up the following 2 fabric for the pouch. ¬†See the template that I have printed out… all ready to go.



Goal #4 – Patchwork tote bag using mini charm squares

I started this project towards the end of last year but I got ‘distracted’.


Hopefully I can complete it this quarter. ¬†According to the lady who wrote the tutorial, she finished it in 1 afternoon. ¬†Can you see how ‘slow’ I am in sewing? ¬†LOL ¬†You can view the pattern cum tutorial here

Goal #5 – Colourful patchwork tote bag by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield

I found Caroline’s blog by accident and I fell in love with her projects and tutorials. Hence I purchased a Craftsy Class by her on Colourful Patchwork Bags. ¬†I don’t know why but this year I just have this urge to sew many bags and pouches. ¬† I have a few packs of charm squares that I purchased from Connecting Threads a few years ago. ¬† Caroline’s bag is the perfect project to use these.


Goal #6 – Colourful patchwork pouch by Caroline

Caroline’s Craftsy class also teaches how to sew a zipper pouch using grid interfacing. ¬†A friend helped me carry back from US some Pellon grid interfacing which I purchased specially for this project. ¬†Can’t wait to sew the pouch using this method.


Goal #7- Mini Ring Table Runner

When my friend came back from the States, he also helped carry back a mini quick curve ruler and the Mini Ring Pattern.  I have started on a table runner with the ruler and pattern.


Goal #8 – Quilt for a colleague’s daughter

I have yet to decide on the pattern for this quilt but I do know the little girl loves lavender, lilac and purple colour.  So I have chosen a fabric for the quilt.


Goal #9 – 2016 Aurifil Block of the month quilt for my husband’s niece

This quilt comprises of blocks from 2016 Aurifil Block of the month.     The pic below shows the quilt top without its borders.  It is now all pieced.  What is left is to quilt it.


Goal #10 – Mystery quilt by Meadow Mist

In my last post I showed the first version of the mystery quilt.  Since then I have added a flying geese border and a 2-strip outer border.  Now to quilt it.


Goal #11 – Hunter Star Quilt for myself

I reserved the following 2 pieces of fabric from my stash for this quilt.


Goal #12- ‘Peared Up’ wall hanging

This kit was purchased a few years ago and kept in cold storage.  Now is the time to use it to make a wall hanging.


Goal #13 – ‘Blooming Basket’ table runner

Another kit by Connecting Threads which I had purchased a few years ago. ¬†Don’t know why I bought it and kept it for so long. ¬†My wish is to complete table runner this year.



Goal#14 – Double wedding Quilt

After I finish with Mini Ring table runner (Goal #7), I intend to work on a Double Wedding Ring quilt using the Metro Ring pattern and the original Quick Curve Ruler.  I hesitated to start on this quilt because I read that the squaring up of the blocks may pose some problems.  Hopefully after I had done the Mini Ring table runner, I will be wiser. LOL.  I have just the fabric for this quilt.  Hometown Girl Jelly roll by Pat Sloan.


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March OMG Finish

Where has time gone? ¬†I cannot believe that today is the last day of March! ¬†Let’s take stock of my quilty progress. ¬†I set out to piece the Mystery Quilt by Cheryl of Meadow Mist for March. ¬†I completed the piecing fairly early in the month but I could not decide on the borders. ¬†Let’s see the quilt top.


All the fabric used in the above quilt top came from my stash. ¬† Then I decided to ‘enlarge’ the quilt top. ¬†To my dismay I realised I ran out of the green, red and dark blue fabric. ¬†I had no choice but to go shopping (fantastic excuse to buy more fabric. LOL) at my favourite store, Sing Mui Heng (SMH). ¬†I remembered I bought the green fabric from SMH not too long ago. ¬†To my horror, they ran out of that particular shade of green. ¬†They also ran out of the dark blue fabric! ¬†My mind was working furiously on other possible colour combinations when I spied green in a corner of the shop where ends of bolts of fabric were packaged neatly in plastic bags. ¬†That was my green fabric! ¬†With my spoils (I also purchased solid red similar to the one I used in the centre of the quilt top) I went home to add a pieced border to the quilt top. ¬†Tada..


It was not my intention to make this into a Christmas quilt but it definitely looks like a Christmas quilt now. ¬†The size is currently 72″ x 72″ which is still small as I am looking to make a queen size/king size quilt. ¬†Who knows? ¬†I may add more borders…


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Q1 FAL Finish and February OMG Goal Setting

I have been ill since the Year of the Rooster.  Before Chinese New Year, I was busy rushing to quilt the commissioned pineapple quilt.  Meeting deadlines at work and staying up late at night to quilt weakened my immunity.  I caught the flu bug and ran a fever for the first few days of the Chinese New Year.  Urgh!  I cannot remember when was the last time I fell so sick before.

The good thing was I managed to finish the binding for the quilt before I fell sick. ¬† The quilt measures 105″ x 93, about the size of a king-sized quilt. ¬†This is the biggest quilt I have quilted so far. ¬†Oh my, this quilt is heavy. ¬†I think it must be the cotton batting adding to the weight.

My husband and daughter kindly helped to hold the quilt up while I took the picture.


A close-up picture of the quilt.


Let’s see how the quilt looks like using my king-size bed as a model.


This is my first finish for 2017 Q1 FAL.  See my goals here

Ok now onto my February goal. ¬†I have decided to do something simple using June Tailor’s Charming Circle ruler. ¬†I bought this ruler with the intention to sew a denim tote bag. ¬†Well I have started. ¬†See my WIP.


Now for some good news.  I won a prize for my 2016 Q4 FAL finish!  Thank you Fluffy Sheep Quilting for sponsoring the prize.  In December, during the Sew Mama Sew giveaway, I won a pattern by Sandra (yes another Sandra) of mmm!quilts.  These are all my Christmas presents. LOL.

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2017 FAL Q1 Goals

Since the beginning of 2017, life has been crazy. ¬†On the work front, there are so many deadlines due in January. On the family side, we experienced the loss of an aunt. ¬†One part of me is glad that she has gone to Heaven to be with Christ, where there is no pain nor suffering, but another part feels a sense of loss. ¬†Perhaps I should have done more for her when she was alive, perhaps … ¬†I was feeling rather down that I did not set any quilty goal for January’s One-Monthly-Goal. ¬† These thoughts are not doing me any good. ¬†I must get rid of all these negative stuff and focus my energy on creative things. ¬† So here I am setting my goals for 2017 Q1 FAL.

Goal 1

I have finished the piecing of the scrappy pineapple quilt top.  Now to channel my energy to quilt it.   This is my No. 1 goal for Q1.  This quilt top is about the size of a king sized quilt. The great thing about this quilt is that 95% (not exact Math) of the fabric used was from scraps and my stash, including the beige fabric in the sashings and the fabric for outer borders (not in the pic below).  In the picture below, I had not attached the borders yet.  I had only purchased a dark blue cotton+ steel fabric for the thinner inner border (also not in the pic).  I am unable to show a pic with all the borders as the quilt top has just been loaded onto the long arm frame.  I really want to hand over the completed quilt to the gentleman who is donating to our church as soon as possible.  Praying hard that I will be focused when quilting it.


Goal 2

After sewing the zipper gathered pouch, I purchased Sue Kim’s book, Boutique Bags, in order to sew more pouches and bags. ¬†My second goal for Q1 is to sew at least 2 of her bags in the book.

Goal 3

I promised my husband’s niece that I will sew her a quilt this year. ¬†My third goal for Q1 is to pieced a quilt top for her. ¬†I found out that her favourite colour is blue. ¬†Also my favourite colour ( at the moment). ¬†The only thing I have not decided is whether to do a scrappy blue quilt or a blue colour coordinated one. ¬†I’ll have to decide … Later…

Goal 4

I saw a Hunter’s Star quilt recently. ¬†See pic here and I have this urge to sew a quilt for myself. ¬†Hey, I have not sewn any quilt for our bed yet. ¬†Those I have sewn were gifted away.

Goal 5

I would like to sew another tote bag.  Similar to this one. But not exactly the same.


Well that is my list for Q1. ¬†I’ll be very happy if I get to finish half of the goals.

Oh before I go, I thought I will leave you with a pic of my completed tatted doily.  I said that doily was completed in my last post but the pic shown then was not 100% completed.  That should not be the case.  I should have shown the finished product.  So here it is


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December OMG completed

Over the Christmas weekend, we met up with our extended family members in Malaysia.  I must say we had a good time catching up with one another.  Besides great company, we had good food too.  There was so much to eat.

When I travel, I will usually bring with me some craft work that can be hand sewn.  I have been away from tatting for quite some time so I decided to bring my tatting WIP along during this trip.  It was a good idea as I was rather productive with the tatting project.  I am about to complete my doily which I started at the beginning of this year.  Wheeee!  Another project completed for 2016.  See the outermost ring in reddish brown?  Just need to complete that ring and the doily is completed!


My December OMG was to sew a pouch as birthday present for my sister-in-law.  See my blog post about my Dec OMG here.  I sewed  2 pouches  instead of 1.  The birthday gal loved the presents.  Phew.  I was worried that she might not like the colours.  Here are the 2 pouches.


I also managed to sew a table runner as house warming present for my husband’s niece. ¬†See picture below. ¬†Do you find it familiar? ¬†I had sewn a similar table runner, here. ¬†It is based on the pattern here


Oliven, the designer of the chevron table runner, used a 10” square for the centre of the runner. ¬†I used bonus triangles left over from my previous projects. ¬†The bonus triangles sewn up produced a 10 1/2″ centre square. ¬†Because my centre square is larger than what the pattern specified, I cut my strips of cloth (for sewing the chevrons) 11 1/2″ long instead of 10 1/2″as specified in the pattern. ¬†On hindsight, I should have cut my strips 12″ to 12 1/2″ long instead. ¬†That would have given me more buffer when I trim the table runner.

Remember my tote bag?


Another niece who came back from London for our family get together, fell in love with it! So I transferred my stuff to a recyclable bag and gave her my bag.   It feels great to have someone who appreciates your handmade creations.  LOL.

That’s it folks. ¬†This is my last post for 2016. ¬†I hope 2017 will be better than 2016 especially with regards to health. ¬†Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year.

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Bags as Birthday gifts and a bag for myself

I managed to sew 2 bags as birthday presents for my sister-in-law.  The gathered zipper bag is also my goal for December OMG.  So glad I managed to finish them.  To say the truth, I am rather pleased with the 2 bags.  I hope the recipient will like them as much as I do.

The Japanese Knot Bag or Grab Bag.


I followed the tutorial from AllPeople Quilt.  I will definitely make more.  This bag is so cute.

The Gathered Zipper Pouch.


I followed the tutorial here.  I will use fabric of a different colour the next time I sew this bag.

When I pattern tested for Jantine at UrbanStyleJantine, I sewed a tote for myself by modifying her pattern and using a tutorial by So Sew Easy .  The pictures below show the 2 sides of the tote.



This bag was made from a quilt sandwich that I practised long arm quilting on.  I had planned to trash this quilt sandwich.  So glad I did not throw it away.  See the transformation.  LOL.

The yellow/purple rose on the tote bag was made with Quick point Scallop ruler. ¬†This ruler has a variety of uses. ¬†I had used this ruler to add scallops to the edge of the Baby Citrus quilt. ¬†¬†Nothing like a ruler with multiple uses. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Let’s take a look at the recessed zipper on the bag. ¬†I think the gusset for the zipper should be longer for better coverage of the bag opening. ¬†Well next time…


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December OMG

ūüė¶ I did not make it for November’s OMG. ¬†I was supposed to sew 20 pineapple blocks but I only did 10 blocks by the end of November. ¬†See my blocks below.


What is my excuse for not meeting November’s goal? ¬†I was busy pattern testing a bag pattern by Urbanstyle Jantine. ¬†LOL. ¬†If you remember, I was sewing up 35 log cabin blocks for this bag. ¬†Let me give you a sneak peek on my pattern testing.


I pieced up all 35 blocks and quilted it.  I will write more about this bag in another post when Jantine is ready to release her pattern.

Well it is a new month. ¬†New beginning. ¬†We have plans to meet up our extended family during the Christmas weekend to celebrate Christmas and my sister-in-law’s birthday. What do you give to a lady who has almost everything? ¬†After some deliberation, I decided to sew a gathered zipper pouch for her. ¬†This will be my OMG for December. ¬†I am hoping to sew it in time to make it for the Bag It event too. ¬†I intend to follow the pattern by Sue Kim. ¬†The tutorial for the pouch can be found here.

For the pineapple quilt top, I am still short of 12 blocks. ¬†I do hope to piece this pineapple quilt top by end December. ¬†Beside this, I also wish to make a table runner for a housewarming gift. ¬†Oh dear, so many goals and so little time. ¬†Don’t forget, I have yet to complete my Q4 Finish-Along goals…. ¬†See picture below. ¬†I am in the midst of ‘nemeshing’ one of the 2 Cambodian quilt tops. ¬†I bought a few books¬†by Bethanne Nemesh where she teaches ‘nemeshing’, her unique quilting style. ¬†Finishing these 2 tops is one of my goals for Q4. ¬†Once done, they will be sold to raise funds for the Emmaus Women’s Centre in Cambodia.


Ok.  Take a deep breath.  Take one step at a time. Now back to quilting.

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Baby Citrus Quilt and October OMGQ

I had wanted to write this post earlier but I changed my phone. Handphones nowadays are not just phones. ¬†They are also secretaries, sending reminders on appointments; torchlights, when walking in the dark; and more importantly to me, they are my cameras. ¬†I take pictures of my quilting projects with my phones. ¬†So when I changed my phone this week, I realised all my photos are in my old phone. ¬†Of course I could copy them over to my new phone but being not so tech savvy, the whole copying process is taking longer than I expected….

I completed the quilting and the binding of the second baby quilt. ¬†Let’s see the quilt top before quilting.


After quilting,


I quilted with an all over motif which I saw at Wendy Sheppard’s blog here. ¬†I am sure you notice scallops at the bottom right-hand edge and at the top left-hand edge of the quilt. ¬†I decided to try something different using the Quick Point Scallop ruler. ¬†A friend helped me carry these back from the States and she wanted to see the ruler in ‘action’. ¬†A close up shot of the scallops.

Baby Citrus quilt4.jpg

My pastor’s wife was very happy with both quilts. ¬†I am glad to strike off 1 goal from my FAL Q4 list. ¬†This is my 3rd finish for Q4 FAL. ¬†See my original list of goals here. ¬†Linking up with 2016 Q4 FAL finishes

On another note, I am happy to report that I finished my Oct OMG.  My goal for Oct was to make 35 log cabin blocks.  As usual, I was so enthusiastic sewing that I ended up sewing 38 blocks.  3 extra blocks.

Log Cabin blocks35.jpg

These blocks will go into making a bag, pattern by urbanstylejantine.

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Twinkle Twinkle Stars Quilt

This is one of the 2 commissioned baby quilts.  I had finished the top a month or two ago but did not find the time to quilt it.  Well, I took leave from work and spent a day at home quilting it.  I have to admit that I am not a fast stitcher nor quilter but I managed to finish quilting the baby quilt which measures approximately 45 x 45 inches within that day.  Then I spent the next 2 nights hand sewing the binding on.  The quilt top before quilting.

Twinkle stars1.jpg

What can you see in the pic below?


Yes the letter A and r.  I was quilting the name of the baby who will be receiving this quilt.

And the picture of the full quilt

Twinkle stars2.jpg

My quilting inspiration for this quilt comes from another iquilt class by Bethanne Nemesh that I purchased. ¬†I really enjoyed Bethanne’s class. ¬†She is very clear in her teaching and her style of quilting speaks to me. ¬†I hope to practise more of what I learnt in her class in my subsequent quilts.

This is my 2nd finish for FAL Q4.  You can see my list of goals here  Linking up with 2016 Q4 FAL Finishes

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Hearts Intertwine – Storm at Sea pattern

I want to thank everyone who posted words of encouragement on my previous post.  I am happy to report that I have completed Hearts Intertwine, a Storm at Sea pattern.   This quilt top was pieced using scraps from my earlier projects.  Only the red fabric and the borders were cut from my yardage of fabric.  You can read about the piecing of the quilt top here and the tutorial on how I construct it here.  I quilted based on a picture of a quilt by John Flynn found here.  Below shows my completed quilt.

Hearts Intertwine quilted2.jpg

More pictures showing detailed quilting of feathers.



I mentioned in one of my earlier post that I took an iquilt class.  Well, I did purchase one class, then I purchased another by Judi Madsen.  I love her quilting, especially her feathers.  I tried to incorporate what I learnt from her class.  She loves to add details to her feathers but I was not so adventurous with this quilt so I left out the details.

What about another picture of Hearts Intertwine?  This time hanging above the headboard of our bed.

Hearts Intertwine quilted 3.jpg

This is my 1st finish for FAL Q4 goals.  Yay, one down, five to go.  See my goals for FAL Q4 here  Linking up with 2016 Q4 FAL finishes

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