Storm at Sea-May OMG finish

At the beginning of May, I set my goal to piece a Storm at Sea wallhanging top.  I am so glad I make it in time.  It is not big, only 45 inches x 39 inches and it is not difficult.  Just tedious.  I am having a fabric moratorium this year (at least trying very hard to have one, LOL)  so whatever I sew, I have to use my stash.  I was using my blue scraps to sew the blocks when it dawned on me that I should turn to Google, my internet teacher, to look for inspiration.  As I googled, I chanced upon Quilter’s Cache where I saw the Heart in the middle of the Storm at Sea pattern and I also saw Eugene’s block.  So I decided to combine design elements from both and I came up with this.

Storm at Sea wallhanging

Before arriving at this finished top, I had to audition different layouts and asked my husband and children for opinions.  Below is a few pictures of my auditioning photos.

A layout without borders.

Storm at sea audition2

I was trying to see how it looks like with the stars at the borders, auditioning 2 shades of blue fabric.

Storm at sea audition5

Storm at Sea has been in my bucket list for the longest time.  A good friend gave me a book, Calming the Storm, by Darlene Zimmerman and Joy Hoffman, published in 1996.

Calming the Storm bookcover

I fell in love with Storm at Sea because of this book.  The patterns inside make use of the blocks in Storm at Sea.  The book is definitely a source of inspiration but I did not follow the dimensions as given in the book.  I was using Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler and Square 2 ruler so I had to make block sizes that the rulers support.  I may just write a short tutorial in the future on how I construct my Storm at Sea using the dimensions I used, 3 inches finished V block, 3 inches finished Square in square the 6 inches finished Square in square for the bigger Square in square unit.  When we combine these basic units together, we get a Storm at Sea block as follows.

Storm at sea block

In the Storm at Sea block above, I sewed up the 2 V blocks on the left of the block so that it looks like a diamond rect.  The other 2 V blocks at the top right-hand side of the Storm at Sea block are not sewn together yet.  I hope you can see the before sewn and after sewn effect of the V blocks. Then we just replicate this Storm at Sea block for as many times as we want to create the quilt size we desire.

I love to sew but I hate doing the math.  As a result I ended up with a number of V block units and Square in square units unused.  I may just combine these orphaned blocks to sew up another quilt, maybe a table runner. LOL.

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