Waited too long

Finally, the blog is up.  This blog has been a long time coming.    As a digital immigrant, it took me a lot of courage to set up this blog with the help of my eldest daughter.  For the longest time, I have wanted to set up a blog to document my journey into the sewing and quilting world.  Well here it is.

How did I get into quilting?  Well, I learnt how to quilt when I was waiting to enter the university at a class held at a community centre. However, after i got into the university, there were too many things to keep me occupied and quilting was put aside.  It was after the birth of my eldest daughter that I took up quilting again. At that time, I met a sweet elderly American lady, Linda, who had followed her husband, Carl, to Singapore.  She rekindled my interest in sewing and quilting.  She quilted using her little Brother machine and she would gift away all her finished quilts.  With her help, I got back to quilting and the first quilt I sewed was a little baby quilt for my baby girl.  Since then, I have been sewing and quilting.  i work full-time from Monday to Friday and the only time I get to quilt is at night when everyone is asleep.

I have done quite a few ‘projects’ like bags, quilts, wall hangings, blankets, etc and many of these have been gift away.

Oh by the way, I also dabble into machine embroidery.  My recent finish (almost finish as I have yet to attach the outer border) is a wall hanging using the Stained Glass Peacock machine embroidery design by BFC-creations.P_20150428_220751[1]


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