Work in Progress – Black and White Quilt

There is an air of anticipation.  The ETA of my HQ Avante is 28 June.  You can read about the HQ Avante in my earlier post here.  I have been busy this past weekend moving furniture and clearing unwanted stuff to make room for the LA.  My husband and 5 children helped.  I feel very blessed to have so many helpers.  It really was more hands make work light. In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on a black and white quilt top.  This is to be gifted to my husband’s niece who is working in London.  The pattern was from the June’s issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  There was a bonus pattern booklet which I like very much.  See pic below.


I decided to construct a quilt top based on the red and pink layout.  I constructed HSTs slightly bigger than the size I want then trim down to the correct size using the Tucker Trimmer Ruler.  I have a large collection of specialty rulers.  Don’t ask me why but I just have a weakness for them.  The good news is I use most of them.


Look closely at the white half of the HST.  Do you notice that there is a seam?  I wanted to use up all my white and off-white scraps that were from previous projects.  These scraps were long but narrow so I had to join the scraps to get a size big enough for my HST.  I was hesitant at first but aren’t we doing patchwork and isn’t joining up scraps part of patchwork?  LOL.  I managed to construct a number of the HSTs using these scraps pieces of whites.
Then I cut off the corner at the white end of the HST.  I did this using the Corner Pop Ruler.  This is another of Deb Tucker’s ruler.  Deb Tucker has a video showing how to use the ruler.  I know that there is no need for this ruler to do what I need to do but the ruler does add accuracy to the blocks.  See pics below.



I added a black polka-dotted fabric triangle to the corner.


The added fabric triangle is slightly bigger so i had to trim it down to the correct size, after it is sewn on, using the Corner Pop Ruler.  The result is this.


I’m almost done with the blocks and will be putting them together to form the quilt top.  Will post pics of the completed quilt top.  This top will be added to my bucket of quilt tops to be quilted on my Avante when it gets here.

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13 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Black and White Quilt

  1. that looks like an interesting quilt, I like the fabrics you’ve chosen. I think the piecing together of the white scraps is genius and most definitely in the traditional spirit of quilting!

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